Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference 2019 kicks off in Beijing, leveraging capital to bring together innovative talent from around the world

2019-07-31 21:00 932

BEIJING, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --The global final of the Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference 2019 (OTEC) was held by Chaoyang Overseas Talent Center (COTC) in Langyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing on July 26, 2019. During the three-month event, 23 projects stood out among the more than 800 innovative projects from 18 Chinese and international competitors, winning the opportunity to participate in the final. After a fierce struggle, Wandelbots, an industrial robotic project from Berlin, Germany, came in first. AINOSTIS, a medical project from London followed in second place, while Qury, an artificial intelligence-based cross-application search engine project from China came in the third.

Based on the district's advantages when it comes to international and market-oriented resources, COTC and Zhen Fund created OTEC as a vehicle to promote the full integration of innovative elements, including talent, projects, capital, policies and services to provide a one-stop service platform for talented individuals and entrepreneurs from abroad seeking business opportunities in China. OTEC has been held since 2013 and attracted over 23,000 entrepreneurs, representing over 4,800 projects alongside, with the highest level of interest coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Israel and so on.

Themed "Make It Happen", the 2019 OTEC will hold more than 50 events both in China and abroad from April to October, focusing on eight topics.

This year Chaoyang District has collaborated with Kunming, an important city along the BRI route, to integrate resources in Chaoyang District with the advantages and industrial development needs of Kunming through the hosting of a series of events.

In addition, in order to have interested talented individuals and project investors from abroad better understand the investment environment in China, 2019 OTEC also held Startups Trip in China, another event, giving them the opportunity to explore the domestic business environment and find a suitable platform for project investment.

Chaoyang District has become an important gathering place for talented individuals from around the world who have chosen China as their place of residence and wish to locate and find innovative opportunities that allow them to express their abilities at entrepreneurship. The trend that has been set in motion through OTEC will serve to attract ever more qualified entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Source: COTC