Phillippine Family May Be Missing Heirs To Olorvida Estate

Heir Hunters International
2018-10-29 09:31 1181

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Heir Hunters International of Los Angeles, California, is scouring the Philippines in search of the heirs to an American multi-million dollar estate. Initial research revealed relatives of the deceased Antonio Olorvida are living in Palompon and Leyte Province of the Philippines.

"We have a fast-approaching deadline, and we have thousands of miles to cover to find the heirs to a multi-million dollar estate," stated Heir Hunters owner John Hilbert. "When we discovered the Olorvida family tree, we were excited that we had a major lead into where to find these fortunate people."

The names of Antonio Olorvida's children are believed to be: Primo Olorvida (married Maricosa Arlos), Antonina Olorvida, Laurencio Olorvida, Florencio Olorvida, Abdon Olorvida (married Rosalina Canson), Florencio Olorvida, Felix Olorvida, Pastor Olorvida, Eduardo Olorvida (married Lolita Guilemer), Francisca Olorvida, and Cipriano Olorvida (married Milagros Ramirez). 

"The Olorvida family members could be the benefactors of this huge estate," stated Hilbert. "Please contact us if you believe you are related to Antonio Olorvida or you may have information that would lead to their identities. For those heirs we find, Heir Hunters International will verify their claim and take care of everything on the stateside for them."

Do you have information on any of the family members above or are you a relative of Antonio Olorvida? Please contact Heir Hunters International as soon as possible to protect your inheritance rights. To contact Heir Hunters International visit, call at 1-888-717-HEIR (4347), or email

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