Ping An Good Doctor and Chinese Nutrition Society Reach Strategic Partnership to Participate in the Development of First Domestic Meal Replacement Food Group Standard

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2018-11-21 17:02 1176

SHANGHAI, Nov. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- China's leading one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform, Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited ("Ping An Good Doctor" or the "Company", stock code: 01833.HK) today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the Chinese Nutrition Society. Ping An Good Doctor will participate in the development of the first domestic "meal replacement food group standard" drafted by the Chinese Nutrition Society, which aims to promote the standardized development of the meal replacement food market and will be released at the end of this year. At the same time, the Chinese Nutrition Society will use its research results in the field of obesity and dietary nutrition to comprehensively improve the Ping An Good Doctor's Fitness Center service level, providing consumers with a scientific, healthy and effective slimming and weight loss solution.

The Chinese Nutrition Society is a national academic and non-profit social organization registered in accordance with the law that is a voluntary formation of Chinese nutrition science and technology workers and technology, teaching, and nutrition research institutions of enterprises and organizations. It is the bridge and link between the Party and the country to connect with China's nutrition science and technology workers, and is an important social force for the development of China's nutrition science and technology.

Ping An Good Doctor is the leading one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform in China. Integrating a thousand-person in-house medical team, external contracted doctors and offline medical network resources with the world's leading AI health tech, it provides one-stop medical and health services for online consultations and drug purchases as well as online consultation and offline medical treatment. As of the end of June 2018, there were 228 million registered users and the Company's MAU reached 48.6 million. Ping An Good Doctor is today the largest mobile medical application in China in terms of user scale.

As people pay more attention to health, keeping fit and losing weight has developed into a billion-dollar consumer market. According to authoritative data, the size of China's entire weight loss market reached RMB90 billion in 2017, and this figure is still rising. Slimming meal replacement foods that are convenient to consume, supplement nutrition, and give a full feeling meet the needs of busy white-collar workers and are widely favored by the market.

According to the In-depth Research and Investment Strategy Research Report of China's Weight Loss Industry 2017-2023 released by Zhiyan Consulting, the Chinese market mainly focuses on slimming diet substitutes and over-the-counter weight loss products, and within this slimming dietary substitutes are on the scale of 750 million US dollars. At the same time of rapid development of the industry, due to the lack of a system of standards, meal replacement foods have neither a clear scientific orientation nor specific production standards. This has led to a mixed good and bad food and beverage industry and consumers' choice of products has become a problem.

The first meal replacement food group standards in China will focus on improving the development pain points of this industry. This standard was drafted by the Chinese Nutrition Society, and several research institutes such as the Beijing Institute of Nutritional Sources and Ping An Good Doctor participated in the formulation to regulate the industry's healthy development through regulation of scope, terminology and definitions, technical requirements (including energy and nutrient requirements), safety requirements, labels and instructions for use of meal substitute foods.

 "Meal replacement foods are not suitable for everyone, and some consumers need to increase their physical activity at the same time. In judging the physique of consumers, Ping An Good Doctor has a mature, big data-based detection process. The user's physique can be judged from many aspects, producing a personalized personal health record, and professional slimming advice is given by online nutritionists." said the person in charge of Ping An Good Doctor.

After the standard is released, Ping An Good Doctor's Fitness Center will take the lead in responding to the requirements of this standard, constantly improving the products and providing food replacement foods that are more in line with health needs and safety.

Ping An Good Doctor's Fitness Center was officially launched at the end of September 2018. The center includes online consultations, weight management, weight loss information, weight loss community, and "weight loss mall." AI smart technology is used to assist dietitians and fitness instructors in providing customized, varied scientific weight management solutions for users. It includes its first weight loss product "HAPPY Fit", a nutritional meal replacement product with it holds the intellectual property rights to. By adjusting diet composition, the body converts sugar from energy supply to fat, and supplementing with meal replacements of high protein and high dietary fiber has helped more than 18,000 users to lose weight healthily with an average monthly weight loss of 3.5 kilograms.

About Ping An Good Doctor (1833.HK)

Ping An Good Doctor is the leading one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform in China. By combining "mobile health + AI technology", the Company strives to provide every family with a family doctor, every person with an e-health profile and everyone with a healthcare management plan. Ping An Good Doctor has established a comprehensive, one-stop healthcare ecosystem covering family doctor services, consumer healthcare services, a health mall as well as health management and wellness interaction.

As of the end of June 2018, there were 228 million registered users and the Company's MAU reached 48.6 million. Ping An Good Doctor is today the largest mobile medical application in China in terms of user scale. Ping An Good Doctor employs more than a thousand medical personnel (Assistant Supervisor Level or above from Class III Grade A Hospitals) in its in-house medical team and contracts with 4,650 renowned external doctors. This in-house medical team, empowered by our proprietary AI technology, provides users with 24 x 7 online consultation services. In our offline partnership network, Ping An Good Doctor collaborates with approximately 3,100 hospitals (including more than 1,200 Class III Grade A hospitals) to provide services such as hospital referral, appointment and inpatient arrangements. Ping An Good Doctor also partners with more than 2,000 healthcare institutions, including physical examination centers, dental clinics, cosmetic surgery institutions and more than 10,000 pharmacy outlets, to provide relevant health and wellness services to our users. By integrating our AI-empowered medical team, external doctors and offline network, Ping An Good Doctor has established a closed-loop healthcare ecosystem which enables our users to enjoy online consultations and online drug purchases, as well as online consultations and offline follow-up treatment, thereby providing convenient, high-quality and efficient family doctor services.

In April 2015, the App "Ping An Good Doctor" was officially launched. In May 2016, the Company completed an A round financing and raised US$500 million. In December 2017, the Company completed the pre-IPO financing from Softbank Vision Fund, during which it raised US$400 million. On 4 May 2018, Ping An Good Doctor became the No.1 listed internet health-tech company in the world when it joined the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code 01833.HK. Our IPO cornerstone investors include Blackrock, Capital Group, GIC, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Swiss Re and CP Group.

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