Ping An Good Doctor and Quzhou Municipal Health Commission Reached Strategic Cooperation for Establishment of Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital

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2019-08-05 15:16 4460

SHANGHAI, Aug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In the afternoon of 30 July, the Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the Establishment of Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital was held in Quzhou. Chaired by Wang Liangchun, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, the ceremony was attended by Tang Feifan, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Wang Tao, Chairman and CEO of Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited ("Ping An Good Doctor", or the "Company"; stock code: 01833.HK) Leaders of the Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau and the Municipal Big Data Bureau, as well as representatives of Ping An Good Doctor.

The establishment of Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital is in line with the "Digital Economy and Smart Industry" strategy proposed by Quzhou City, which places great emphasis on addressing the difficulties the public face when they seek medical treatment as well as exploring new technology, new industry, new business format and new model for the development of "Internet + Healthcare".

Following the signing of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the Establishment of Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital, both parties will fully leverage their respective advantages to integrate the physical medical resources of Quzhou City and the "Internet + Medical healthcare" model of Ping An Good Doctor, expand the ecosystem between hospitals, doctors and patients, promote the "One Visit at Most" reform for the healthcare service sector and the building of medical associations and communities in Quzhou City, and establish Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital.

Internet information technology will be applied on the pre-, during- and post-consultation phases through online and offline means to optimize medical service flow, promote graded diagnosis and treatment, enhance service capacity for the grassroots, and foster the development of "Internet + Healthcare". Guided by the medical needs of people, Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital will further improve medical services and the quality of medical care to enhance people's sense of fulfillment.

In the meantime, Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital will be truly capable of providing "one-stop" medical services with precision by forming an online and offline closed-loop system of medical services covering disease prevention, online booking, online subsequent visit, online payment, drug delivery, follow-up treatment after discharge and chronic disease management, with a commitment to popularizing healthy lifestyles, improving people's health management ability and health awareness, developing a "patient-oriented" service model and enhancing the accessibility of medical resources.

On behalf of the Municipal Government, Tang Feifan congratulated both parties on the successful signing of the agreement. He indicated that healthcare is the ultimate livelihood issue and the focus of the extension of the "One Visit at Most" reform to the public service sector. Quzhou will cherish this opportunity of cooperation and make good use of Ping An Good Doctor's powerful medical resources and internet technology to overcome geographical constraints and integrate online and offline resources, so as to mitigate the lack of medical resources within the city and provide better medical services to the public. Tang emphasized that in order to open a new path of "demonstration-for-application and market-for-industry", an open and inclusive approach should be opted for to enable learning through trial and error and more support should be given to the digital economy and internet industry.

Wang Tao said that by giving full play to its own advantages and integrating medical resources of both parties, Ping An Good Doctor will forge a one-stop healthcare ecosystem, build an "ecological circle" of hospitals, doctors, and patients, and create a new "Internet + Healthcare" service model to fuel the development of "Healthy Quzhou".

At the ceremony, Ji Genshou highlighted the main contents of the establishment of Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital. Ji stated that the Municipal Health Committee will provide proactive "Regulatory + Servicing" support to Ping An Good Doctor and the municipal healthcare institutions for hospital building in accordance with the needs for the construction of Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital, and will pay due effort and contribution to deepen the medical reform, and promote digitalization in the healthcare sector.

The main contents of the establishment of Quzhou Ping An Internet Hospital:

1. Provide a complete set of internet medical diagnosis and treatment service information system.

Include four major platforms namely one-stop medical service platform, booking, registration and referral platform, prescription sharing platform and refined disease management platform, to promote the sharing of high-quality resources and equal access to medical services, effectively enhance the healthcare service capacity for the grassroots, improve treatment for patients with serious illnesses, and elevate the overall effectiveness of healthcare resources integration and health services provision.

2. Proactively develop new format for online healthcare services.

Make full use of information technology to promote the vertical flow of high-quality medical resources, promote the full implementation of online medical technology and medical service operation in physical hospitals, put the "patient-oriented" concept into practice, switch from the current hospitals-and-doctors-centered approach to patient-centered approach, and establish a new online healthcare service format.

3. Support the new medical insurance payment model, and pioneer the use of online payment.

Proactively respond to the new policy in relation to the national medical insurance reform, support the new online medical insurance model, implement offline medical insurance payment policy for online subsequent visits for common diseases and chronic diseases at internet hospitals, and improve the convenience and satisfaction of online consultations for patients.

Source: Ping An Good Doctor
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