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POPC creates a new industry chain for online media services

2018-07-30 20:27

TOKYO, July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2018, POPC announced the beginning of the application of blockchain technology to digital advertising, for creating a decentralized eco-value sharing advertising platform to change the current low-billing efficiency and high-traffic fraud of the digital advertising industry.

POPC Will Restructure The Global Advertising Ecosystem.
POPC Will Restructure The Global Advertising Ecosystem.

Recently, Job Garcia, CEO of POPC Eco-Value Sharing Advertising Platform, was interviewed by the US media.

Job Garcia said that it is an indisputable fact that the current digital advertising industry is in a mess. Most of the advertising budget has entered the pockets of giants such as Google and Facebook. The ads are bombarded, malware, privacy violations and traffic loss. The advertisers are facing the user's dislike, but also are fraud and falsely reported in data users' poor experience makes POPC committed to solving these problems.

POPC Will Restructure The Global Advertising Ecosystem

POPC is a well-known advertising company in the United States. It has established branches in different countries and regions. POPC is a "blockchain + advertising" project based on the application of blockchain technology in the advertising industry.

As an intelligent, transparent, open and honest ecological value sharing advertising platform, POPC is an innovative application of blockchain technology in the advertising field, and through blockchain's unique trust mechanism and smart contract technology, it solves many industry pain points such as long settlement period, click fraud, data monitoring difficulties, user information security, and data silos.

POPC Ecological Scene Application

POPC has been reported by many mainstream media in the United States. This also means that the innovative concept of POPC has been deeply recognized by the mainstream experts in the world. POPC will develop in a diversified direction. POPC will support a variety of supply chain financial applications such as consumer finance, investment and financing, and industrial finance. As the world's first advertised blockchain platform, POPC will also lead the blockchain industry to a new stage of development.

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Source: POPC
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