Porter Wins Marketeer's Editor Choice 2019 Award: Community Empowerment of The Year
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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Porter ended 2019 with winning Marketeer's Editor Choice Award: 'Community Empowerment of the Year' from Marketeers Magazine. The award acknowledged Porter's contributions to empowering communities across Indonesia through Porter Agent program. Since its inception, Porter has been continuously innovating and building an integrated logistics network for the nation, and at the same time striving to empower local micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

Porter Wins Marketeer’s Editor Choice 2019 Award: Community Empowerment of The Year.
Porter Wins Marketeer’s Editor Choice 2019 Award: Community Empowerment of The Year.

Launched in mid-2019, Porter Agent program partners with warung or micro, small, and medium-sized business owners to democratize logistics processes with technology. As Porter Agents, business owners will only need Porter Agent application on their smartphones to book package delivery and schedule package pick up; Porter drivers will pick up the packages at the agents' location and ship them to the recipients. The program offers up to 25% commission per delivery transactions. Through this program, business owners can get quite significant additional earnings by providing logistics service to their customers.

Building an integrated logistics network and empowering MSMEs with technology is the core of Porter's mission. Warung is a local term for traditional, family-run, micro convenient store that has been a huge part of Indonesian culture. Warung across the nation hold an important role in fulfilling local communities' daily needs. Understanding the significance of warung, Porter decided to partner with warung and other MSMEs to expand Porter logistics network coverage and capabilities while at the same time promote the welfare of local businesses and communities.

"We realize that it is equally important to provide convenience for customers and to help MSMEs competing in this digital era," said Richard Cahyanto, Director and Co-Founder of Porter. Subsequently, Porter has collaborated with local trade communities including Sahabat UMKM, SB1M, Rumah Siap Kerja, Tangan di Atas, and many more, organizing events and workshops to educate local communities about digital logistics and its benefits for local businesses and communities. Porter aims to expand its Porter Agent program to more cities in Indonesia and strengthen its relationship with its partners.

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