Promoting Cultural Exchange: ZPMC Donates Books to Hanhua Chinesisch-Schule In Germany

SHANGHAI, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., ltd. ("ZPMC") has donated a collection of books to the Hanhua Chinesisch-Schule (Hanhua Chinese School) in Hamburg, Germany. Zhou Kaifen, principal of the school, joined the donation ceremony.

Hanhua Chinese School is a pilot institution of Chinese language education accredited by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council (OCAO). ZPMC's donation included books of Chinese characters, general knowledge of China and traditional Chinese culture.

"We're delighted to participate in and support the cultural education of Hanhua Chinese School. The social responsibility philosophy of ZPMC is 'creating the good for the world,' and for many years, we've been actively fulfilling our social responsibility and integrating it into our corporate governance and the value chain. In the future, ZPMC will continue to take actions that contribute to making society and the world better," said Yang Jian, manager of project department of ZPMC's subsidiary in Germany.

As a leading heavy equipment manufacturer, ZPMC is committed to various social and public welfare causes and undertakings, and it has participated in a large number of projects for poverty alleviation, wildlife conservation, material donation, volunteer initiatives, blood drives, and community service drives. To date, ZPMC has donated more than 4 million yuan (USD 56.58 million) to poverty alleviation programs.

ZPMC has carried out a series of public welfare projects overseas. In 2021, Panama was suffering from the third peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, while students were returning to schools. ZPMC's subsidiary in South America donated 12,000 masks to the non-profit organization Rotary Club for students, teachers and staff in local public schools.

In November 2021, ZPMC visited the Lanping County of Lujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province to provide targeted support for poverty relief. ZPMC donated items such as electric pianos, and ethnic costumes to the community kindergartens.

In May 2021, ZPMC held a football practice session at the Changqinglian Football Volunteer Service Club for children who are suffering from autism, Down's syndrome and growth retardation to improve body coordination. ZPMC also hosts an annual blood drive on August 13 at its headquarters.

Since 2009, ZPMC has been publishing annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports for 13 years consecutively, with strong commitments to social responsibility management, and continues to improve its social governance through key projects and training sessions.

Source: Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.,ltd.