QuantumClean and ChemTrace Show How to Reduce Wafer Fab CoO at SEMICON Taiwan

Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc.
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HAYWARD, California, Aug. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: UCTT), today announced that its Services Businesses, QuantumClean and ChemTrace, will demonstrate how their ultra-high purity chamber tool part cleaning, proprietary coatings and micro-contamination analytical testing can help reduce Cost of Ownership (CoO) for wafer fabs and OEMs. QuantumClean and ChemTrace will showcase these solutions at booth I2130 at SEMICON Taiwan 2019 at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei September 18 – 20, 2019.

"Sub 14nm customers depend upon the advantages of QuantumClean's cleaning and coating processes that optimize productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership," said Bill Bentinck, President, UCT Semiconductor Services Business. "Additional value is provided by integrating ChemTrace's ability to certify part surface integrity for a broad spectrum of micro level of trace contamination species."

A series of presentations will be offered to IDMs, OEMs, OPMs and foundries on how they can increase productivity and reduce CoO for ALD, CVD, diffusion, etch, ion implant and PVD process tools. Booth staff will show how cleaner chambers start-up quicker, faster part turnaround times reduce inventory, longer MTBCs improve productivity and reduce PM costs, and how less aggressive cleaning methods and recoating can extend part life.

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Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of critical subsystems, ultra-high purity cleaning and analytical services primarily for the semiconductor industry. Ultra Clean offers its customers an integrated outsourced solution for major subassemblies, improved design-to-delivery cycle times, design for manufacturability, prototyping and component manufacturing, and tool chamber parts cleaning and coating, as well as microcontamination analytical services. Ultra Clean is headquartered in Hayward, California. Additional information is available at


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