Revolutionary MDL Beast Festival Unites a Generation of Progressive Saudi Talent

New festival puts Saudi EDM scene firmly out in the open and on the global entertainment map
MDL Beast Festival
2019-12-13 15:00 620

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In a remarkable first for Saudi Arabia, MDL Beast Festival puts Saudi's local Electronic Dance Music (EDM) stars onto the global music platform. Amidst a backdrop of the Kingdom's wide ranging reforms, the festival will bring together a new generation of Saudis who will be able to enjoy homegrown artists performing alongside global superstars in the open for the very first time. 


"We have a lot of artists here in Saudi Arabia. Giving them this platform to show the world what Saudis are capable of, is everything. The whole country is going through a huge change," commented Saudi DJ Cosmicat.

MDL Beast Festival has only been made possible due to reforms from Saudi Arabia's national Vision 2030 agenda, such as permitting live concerts, sporting events, welcoming foreign visitors and tourists, as well as relaxing local laws on dress code and freedoms. A mixed crowd of some 200,000 festival goers will relish the chance to celebrate watching their home-grown talent perform in a setting which helps normalise their deep love of electronic and dance music. 

"It's a milestone for the country, it's a new era for the Saudi youth. This is such a tremendous moment. MDL Beast is a monumental statement in the middle of the peninsula - it can only show goodness of what's about to come," said local DJs & Producers K.Led & Majid. 

MDL Beast is the musical embodiment of changing Saudi Arabia, opening up the people's enjoyment of modern music, but doing so in a setting which stays true to its culture's traditions. It is designed around local practices but also breaking boundaries, with new freedoms empowering men and women to stand together and openly enjoy Saudi's EDM culture. It is a showcase of Saudi electronic producers and talent, with a new generation embracing and enjoying a Saudi Arabian entertainment industry which is getting the support to unleash its talent on the world. 

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