Russian national payment system "Mir" becomes available in South Korea

2021-06-30 18:00 798
  • BC Card, the biggest payment processing company in South Korea, firstly affiliates with NSPK to process Russian national payment system "Mir" among its 3.2 million domestic merchants.
  • From last year, BC Card had started to cooperate with NSPK, a Russian national payment card system company, the operator of national payment system "Mir", to establish their cross-border payment network.
  • Thanks to cooperation, Russian visitors can use their own Mir cards in South Korea much more conveniently.

SEOUL, South Korea, June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BC Card, the biggest payment processing company in South Korea, firstly affiliates with NSPK, a Russian national payment company, to process card payment of "Mir" system in South Korea.

As a Russian national payment system, Mir has 158 Issuers and 265 acquirers. Also its acceptances are spread over 11 countries. According to NSPK, 98.7 million cards have been issued in Russia as of May 1st, 2021.

Thanks to the cooperation, Russians who visits South Korea will become able to use their own Mir credit or debit card on BC Card's 3.2 million merchants in South Korea.

In advance, BC Card had cooperated with NSPK to affiliate their payment network so as to establish their cross-border payment infrastructure and discard a necessity of extra exchange fee for international payment. BC Card will continuously advance its domestic ATM and POS terminal network to accept Mir cards infallibly.

Choi Won-seok, a CEO of BC Card, said that "By cooperating with NSPK, we proved again that the power of our own payment processing technology and biggest payment infrastructure in South Korea." Also said that "We will continuously endeavor to provide differentiated experience for Mir cardholders with our payment convenience and innovative technology so as to enjoy our country much more pleasantly and extend transaction."

Vladimir Valerievich Komlev, a CEO of NSPK, said that "It is a great pleasure to cooperate with BC Card, a preeminent payment company in South Korea. Together, we will continue our efforts to ensure Mir cardholders to use their Mir cards conveniently during their trips to South Korea., once the epidemiological situation stabilizes and flights resume between Moscow and Seoul".

Source: BCcard