SAIS Introduces Foundational Academic English and e-Learning Preparatory Course For Secondary School Students

SINGAPORE, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Stamford American International School (SAIS), renowned for offering US accredited High School Diploma programmes, introduces two new course options to their academic list, Foundational Academic English and e-Learning Preparatory Course, for Grades 8 to 10.

These courses are tailored to assist students improve and strengthen their foundation in the English language and equip them with language proficiency that will help them thrive in the educational environment and create a successful future beyond the school years.

Dr. Mark Wenzel, Superintendent of SAIS stated, "We want to give our students the skills they will need to face the ups and downs in their journey to becoming outstanding global citizens."

Foundational Academic English

The Foundational Academic English programme is aimed to offer students supplementary English language tuition.

This course offers an entry bridge for pupils from Grades 8 to 9 into the Preparatory Course (PCS) and other mainstream curriculum courses in the academy. The 10 week course is delivered by the highly skilled PCS faculty. Students will strengthen their foundation in academic English, form an understanding of IB teaching and learning methodology which will ensure their success in the academy.

Another aspect of this programme is that it allows students to choose between self-guided study to achieve their goals independently in their own time or teacher-guided lessons for extra support.

E-learning Preparatory Course

The e-learning Preparatory course is a unique programme for Grades 8 to 10 students keen to boost their academic English. In addition to improving fundamental English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, students from all parts of the world are able enroll in this online, intensive 20-week programme to fully engage with an IB-style curriculum covering Math, Science, Literature, and Humanities without the need to be on campus.

Utilising SAIS' three pillars, Language and Academic Development, Well-being and International Mindedness, this course is recommended for students who are academically inquisitive and have a grasp of multiple languages.

Unique Benefits for Students in SAIS

  • More than just academic programmes; students are taught in a manner that improves their well-being and broadens their international mindedness, aligned with SAIS' pillar
  • Stress-free smooth transition to on-campus
  • Cutting-edge technology suitable for every student to help ease the learning process
  • Multiple course options to suit students' needs. Programmes consist of self or guided curriculum, prep courses for student entry into secondary school and courses to improve language skills
  • Every students' skill level, understanding ability and age group is taken into consideration to prepare and develop programmes that suit their needs and are developed with the help of the PCS faculty members.

About SAIS

Stamford American International Singapore offers outstanding education for students from 2 months to 18 years of age. In addition, SAIS provides the unique opportunity to graduate with a US-accredited High School Diploma derived from a choice between the College Board's Advanced Placement International Diploma (AP ID) courses, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP), a blend of both, or the BTEC Diploma - a first in Singapore.

The school's 2020 graduates have achieved IB results with a pass rate of 94% on the IB exams and an average score of 32, surpassing the world average of 29.9. To date, 95% of the graduates were accepted to their top pick university.

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Source: Stamford American International School
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