Sanya, China kicks off a city promotional event in Cape Town by opening its Visit Sanya China Boat to tourists from around the world

2019-11-18 07:56 345

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 14, 2019 (local time), the Visit Sanya China Boat from the well-known Chinese tropical destination Sanya, was opened to local residents as well as tourists in Cape Town during the Clipper race's stopover in the South African city. The event marked the kick off of the African segment of Sanya's global campaign to promote the city as an international tourism destination via the Visit Sanya China Boat.

Sanya will hold the sixth Asian Beach Games between November 28 and December 6, 2020, with the expectation of bringing together 4,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions across Asia. The upcoming event has become a key topic of Sanya's promotional event in Cape Town, during which tourism officials from the Chinese city invited travelers from around the world to Sanya for an outstanding experience during the upcoming Asian Beach Games.

"I have a lot of good memories of China, including Sanya," said Egyptian tourist Adi. "I went to Sanya for surfing this May and it is really a good destination for beach sports and vacation."

"Do you know how to write Sanya in Chinese? Try it," said Guan Xi, one of the media representatives on the Visit Sanya China Boat when warmly receiving a local visitor named Walsha. Following Guan Xi instructions and watching his movements as he wrote out each character, Walsha wrote her first Chinese sentence on the theme banner of the 2020 Sanya Asian Beach Games expressing her best wishes for the event. In just a few hours, the theme banner was filled with signatures and the good wishes of tourists from all over the world who were traveling in Cape Town.

Source: Sanya Organizing Committee