Scoutchain, a Blockchain-based Recruitment Platform, Announces Strategic Partnership With Block Crafters

ScoutChain Pte. Ltd.
2018-10-12 14:11 995
  • Strategic acceleration of blockchain system is anticipated
  • Aims to establish global recruitment platform to transform the recruitment paradigm

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ScoutChain (CEO: Moon Young-chul), a blockchain-based recruitment platform, announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Block Crafters (CEO: Park Soo-yong), an expert in blockchain acceleration, on October 4th.

ScoutChain, a blockchain-based recruitment platform, announces strategic partnership with Block Crafters.
ScoutChain, a blockchain-based recruitment platform, announces strategic partnership with Block Crafters.

This partnership will promote collaboration between ScoutChain and Block Crafters with the goal of transforming the recruitment system and paradigm.

ScoutChain is currently developing a recruitment system and culture in which all participants in the hiring process can earn fair rewards. The platform is built on blockchain technology and powered by an artificial intelligence engine. It prioritizes direct exchange of data required in the hiring process between the recruiter and the applicant, protecting their ownership of data.

ScoutChain is targeting the global recruitment market with its specialized verification system. Only the applicants who have certified experiences, such as education or work history, are granted access to the ScoutChain platform, enabling the recruiting companies to easily find and hire outstanding domestic and international candidates with a credible history.

Block Crafters is an accelerator made up of experts in not only blockchain technology but also finance and startups, who facilitate a healthy blockchain investing environment. Their past blockchain projects include successful collaborations with IT startups and large corporates.

Jung Byung-hoon at Block Crafters describes their goal as "producing added value through investing in exceptional blockchain projects with outstanding technologies and philosophies". He also added, "ScoutChain has strong potential in the global market as it combines expertise in blockchain technology with the know-hows of Scout Ltd., that boasts 20 years of success in the HR industry."

ScoutChain's CEO Moon also expressed his excitement in his statement, "Through Block Crafter's strategic acceleration, we anticipate maximizing the strengths of ScoutChain as well as establishing a solid foundation for a global recruitment system."

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