Sequis Tower to Usher in a Greener Commercial Environment for Indonesia

"The corporate world is in need of change, and sustainability needs to be at the heart of it," said Widijanto Liem, COO Farpoint
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JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and individuals to rethink innovations that ensure sustainability, and FARPOINT's Sequis Tower Jakarta, a LEED Platinum-certified building, is looking to answer the rising demand when it comes to a sustainable workplace.

Sequis Tower answers the need for sustainable office buildings in the new normal era
Sequis Tower answers the need for sustainable office buildings in the new normal era

"Going beyond attractive salary packages and professional advancement, present-day employees are placing more emphasis on the potential employer in terms of what they stand for or what are their values when it comes to choosing a job. With the creation of Sequis Tower and its many innovative and sustainable solutions, we create long-term value for MNCs to provide a more enticing experience for employees who are concerned about the world at large," said Widijanto Liem.

A recent survey has shown that in 2020 alone, discussions about environmental topics rose by 52% amongst employees globally. Carbon footprint was a significant point of discussion. This concern is even more prominent among Gen Z employees, with environmental concern jumping a huge 128%.

"The evolving needs and changes around the world will drastically change how we feel about the workplace in a more permanent manner. There is a need to address such workplace trends, not just for businesses and industries, but for future talent as well. A company with a long-term vision of sustainability and growth will benefit from the modernization brought by Sequis Tower," added Widijanto Liem.

Sequis Tower offers actionable sustainability

Consumers have shifted their attitudes when it comes to environmental issues and more people are committed to changing their own behavior to advance sustainability due to the pandemic, according to a survey by BCG.

Widijanto Liem said, "Industries now adopt sustainability to answer consumer and employee demands. Be it localizing supply chains, improving transparency, adopting technology, or cutting down waste, the importance of the sustainability agenda has never been as important."

As a result, Sequis Tower has been designed with efficient energy consumption in mind, from the lobby to the highest floors. Motion-sensing lighting and dimming systems further reduce electricity consumption. The building's double-glazed facade allows for a reduction in heat loss and gains by 30% as well.

Tenants and visitors alike can enjoy fresh air filtered from the outside, while automatic doors, parking systems, and toilets enhance the overall experience of the Sequis Tower.

"For businesses, it is more than just a pursuit of ideals and for a better world. There are tangible benefits to keeping sustainability a top priority. Together with the Sequis Tower, MNCs can look forward to overcoming the fallout of the pandemic with feasible solutions made possible by technology, future-proofed innovations, and ensuring that people and the world remain as primary concerns," said Widijanto Liem.

Sequis Tower's design is award-winning

The commitment for sustainability and helping MNCs embrace the ideal has landed Sequis Tower several awards.

The American Institute of Architects International Region Awards 2020 awarded the building with two prestigious awards for its design and sustainable measures. Sequis Tower also won the distinguished MIPIM Asia Award, which celebrates excellence and innovation in the real estate industry in Asia.

All of that goes hand-in-hand with the LEED certification, which serves to spotlight the building's focus on longer-term planning with sustainability.

The design, construction, operations and maintenance of resource-efficient, high-performing, healthy, cost-effective buildings are not easily fulfilled conditions, and the Sequis Tower has managed to attain those goals. In fact, the building had performed 36% better than any previous LEED baselines, an indication of FARPOINT's commitment to the cause.

About Sequis Tower

Sequis Tower is an International Grade A office building in Sudirman CBD. It is one of the first building in Indonesia to achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Rating.

About LEED Platinum

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system for design, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings, residences and neighborhoods, developed to help building owners and operators be environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently.


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