Shiga Prefecture's Takashima City Launches 'Tourism Website' Featuring 360-degree Panoramic Images of Popular Sightseeing Spots via Smartphones and PCs

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TAKASHIMA, Japan, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

-Must-see Website for Prospective Travelers to Japan-
-Takashima City, about 50-minute Train Ride from Kyoto; New Website Guides Travelers to Enjoy 360-degree Virtual Tour of Nature-rich Takashima City in Shiga Prefecture-
-City to Participate in Tainan International Travel Fair in Taiwan to Be Held from Nov. 22-

Takashima City on Nov. 5 opened the tourism website that commands 360-degree panoramic views of seven popular tourist spots together with explanations. The city will participate in the Tainan International Travel Fair beginning Nov. 22.


Content of 360-degree virtual tours of Takashima City.

Takashima City wants prospective visitors to Japan to know about the charms of the city.


Takashima City is located northwest of Lake Biwa, Japan's biggest lake, and the rich natural environment is preserved in the city. In addition to its natural environment and scenic sites, the city offers attractive features of "seeing, eating and hands-on experiences" such as fruit picking, barbecuing, skiing, trekking and so on. The city is easily accessible from Kyoto, about 50 minutes by train, and full of tourist spots that promise varied sceneries of each season.

The city wants as many people as possible to know about the charms of Takashima City and come to the city. Takashima City thus decided to open the 360-degree virtual tourism website.

-Characteristics of Takashima City 360-degree tourism website
1. It depicts 360-degree panoramic views of 7 tourist spots in Takashima City.
2. It offers explanations about tourist spots and relevant pictures for four seasons.
3. There is no need to download apps, and the website can be easily accessible for viewing through smartphones and PCs.

Characteristics of 7 tourist spots



-Shirahige-jinja Shrine: Enshrining Sarutahiko-no-mikoto, a Shinto deity, it is the head shrine of all Shirahige Shrines. Standing at the edge of Lake Biwa and having a large gate over the water, it is described as the area's answer to Itsukushima Shrine (in Hiroshima Prefecture).

-STAGEX TAKASHIMA: A glamping resort where visitors can enjoy lodging or barbecuing on a one-day visit by Lake Biwa.
-Hakodateyama: An Instagram-friendly spot which changes its face from season to season.
-Avenue of Metasequoias: Rows of about 500 metasequoia trees over a 2.4-kilometer stretch on both sides of the boulevard attract visitors all the year round.
-The Cherry Blossoms of Kaizu-Osaki: Some 800 Somei Yoshino cherry trees of more than 80 years old gorgeously blossom along the 4-kilometer stretch along Lake Biwa.
-Ohtaniyama, Onyu Pass: They are atop the 80-kilometer Takashima Trail, and visitors can enjoy hiking and watch Lake Biwa and the Sea of Japan from the area near the summit.

Takashima City will participate in the Tainan International Travel Fair.

As a member of the project promotion association to improve the convenience of the Kosei Line (Shiga prefectural secretariat), Takashima City will participate in the Tainan International Travel Fair due to be held from Nov. 22. It will also introduce tourist spots of the city.

-Name of the fair: 2019 Tainan International Travel Fair (abbreviated name: TTF2019)
-Exhibition period: from Friday, Nov. 22, to Monday, Nov. 25
-Venue: Commercial Exhibition Center Tainan in Tainan City, Taiwan



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