Short video app Kwai tops Brazil app rankings

2019-09-23 21:27 1225

BEIJING, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Since July 21, Kwai, the international version of Kuaishou, has repeatedly topped the app rankings in Brazil and continues to dominate the top three spots. Its time machine special effect, which allows users to see what they will look like decades from now and witness their aging process, has created a lot of excitement, and fun short video games such as Valentine's Day events and dance challenges have also become popular among young Brazilians. Kuaishou technology's other product VStatus is also very popular with Brazilian users, ranking No.2 overall. Another new product MV Master's performance is also worth looking forward to.

As the leader of short video platform in China, since its foundation in 2011, Kuaishou has grown steadily into China's top life record sharing platform. On Kuaishou, users can record their lives in the form of short videos and photos, and share their joys and sorrows with others. They can also interact with fans in real time through live streaming. Through Kuaishou, ordinary people from all over the world can connect and interact with each other, and their lives can be presented by videos.

According to QuestMobile's research data, there are more than 820 million short video users in China, which means that 7.2 out of 10 mobile internet users are using short video products. The duration of short video has also exploded, with the average monthly usage time exceeding 22 hours. Short video has become an important pan-entertainment product along with online video, online music, online reading and mobile games.

According to data released by Kuaishou Technology, Kuaishou now has more than 400 million monthly active users, more than 300 million daily comments, and more than 200 million people shoot short videos to record and share their lives on the platform.

Dr. David Evans, a special-term professor at Beijing university of chemical technology, who graduated with a PhD from Oxford University, said that the short video and live streaming have opened new doors for more ordinary Chinese to access scientific experiments, whether in big cities or elsewhere. His fans on Kuaishou have grown from zero to more than three million around one year, and some videos have been viewed by tens of millions of people. "Live streaming is like a hook for those who want to learn more deeply to discover the key to learn." Kuaishou co-founder Yang Yuanxi (in charge of Kuaishou's new products VStatus and MV Master) said Kuaishou has a variety of creative users to shoot and share their own videos, including daily lives, singing, dancing and a variety of special skills, as well as local food and beautiful scenery. Kuaishou utilizes advanced AI technology to help people more easily record and upload videos, and accurately recommend people's favorite videos to them. Yang Yuanxi said Kuaishou hopes to give everyone a fair chance to show their lives, and its mission is to use warm technology to enhance everyone's individual happiness. Dr. David Evans and Yang Yuanxi gave an interview to Expresso Futuro, a program from Brazilian Rede Globo television station in May 2019, which was on TV last week, with the following link in website:

Kwai's Chinese version Kuaishou has more than 200 million daily active users. More than 15 million short videos are uploaded per day and the number of original videos on the platform exceeds 13 billion. In 2018, Kwai successively ranked first in the app store lists of South Korea, Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries. Among them, Kwai topped the list of free apps on Google Play in Vietnam and the Philippines, and ranked first on the free apps list in the Apple Store in Russia and Turkey, while in South Korea and Malaysia, it ranked first on both lists. Up to now, Kuaishou's overseas version Kwai has been launched in more than ten countries and regions, with tens of millions of monthly active users.

Source: Kuaishou Technology