Sino-British Co-operation in Forefront at CEIBS London Forum

LONDON, Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Around 250 scholars, entrepreneurs and senior executives from China and the UK shared their views on new openings in the Chinese market for British firms on October 2 at the CEIBS Insights UK Forum in London. CEIBS leaders and professors also joined in the discussions at the event, entitled China's Consumption Upgrade: New Opportunities for UK.

The event was especially poignant as it occurred close to several significant anniversaries. The 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China took place the day before the forum, and this year marks the 47th anniversary of ambassadorial-level diplomatic relations between China and the UK. In addition, next month sees the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the China Europe International Business School.

CEIBS President (European) Dipak Jain delivered a welcome speech in which he said the goal of the school in its 25th anniversary year and afterwards was to enhance its academic excellence, and continue to add value and social significance to what business can achieve.

"The London Forum is a chance for CEIBS to continuously disseminate and create knowledge whilst promoting global business communication, allowing CEIBS to enhance its global influence and visibility," he said.

In a keynote speech, Minister and First Staff Member of the Embassy of China in the UK Chen Wen praised the efforts of CEIBS to promote and enhance global business communication at a time when the business world was undergoing great changes.

"China has become the most dynamic potential consumer market," said Minister Chen. "The UK has unique industrial advantages in consumer goods, financial services, high-end manufacturing, medical services, tourism and education, which is highly compatible with the needs of China's consumption upgrade and market development."

Deputy Mayor of London for Business Rajesh Agrawal was also a keynote speaker and in his address said London was an open city which hosted many technology companies well suited to meet the needs of the Chinese market.

"I hope those attending the forum can make full use of the communication opportunities on offer, to enhance mutual understanding and explore more opportunities for cooperation," he said.

In a speech looking at matters from a from a macro-economic perspective, CEIBS Associate Dean (Research) and Professor of Economics and Finance Xu Bin analysed challenges facing China's economy, and what opportunities recent trends offer Sino-British cooperation. Prof. Xu predicted China would become more open in response to recent macro-economic trends, and introduce policies to attract more foreign direct investment – a key area for Sino-British co-operation, he added.

A round table discussion hosted during the event by financial journalist Martina Fuchs and Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School John Richardson also saw leading Chinese and British entrepreneurs discuss the latest economic developments and what they may mean for Sino-British co-operation.

Wenjian Fang, Chairman of CCCUK, General Manager of Bank of China London Branch, delivered the closing keynote speech in which he said Sino-British co-operation should focus on improving communications, increasing active participation and expanding the scope of UK-China partnerships.

The forum was part of the CEIBS Insights 5th Europe Forum 2019 series. For details about these and other CEIBS 25th Anniversary Celebration events, please click here.

Source: China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)