Skin Trouble Solution Possibilities mentioned at NDL Conference

Natural Substances Lab
2019-04-22 13:11 990

BIRMINGHAM, England, April 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The NDL Conference, hosted by 'Natural Substances Lab', was successfully held at YES Lecture hall on the 6th of April. This year, there were many more interesting issues and experimental results compared to the past, and the conference was concluded with lots of evidence to prove that skin trouble could be more effectively dealt with.

The most interesting presentation given at the conference was related to the 'L-Factor', researched by Paul Anthony from Natural Substances Lab. The L-Factor specifically refers to a role, sub-epidermal factor which maintains skin conditions by capturing harmful substances that accumulate over the course of people's daily lives. According to Paul Anthony, people with weak L-Factors tend to go through various skin troubles since they cannot withstand the effects of the external harmful substances.

According to his lecture, by effectively utilizing a substance called beta-glucan, which can be extracted from mushrooms and other grain, L-factor could be invigorated and be used to overcome skin related troubles including unevenness, dryness and pigmentation of the skin.

Company 'D' of South Korea has used beta-glucan in their flagship product, 'Silt Vale Creme'. The product shows differentiated effects compared to other off-the-shelf products, and has received satisfactory reviews from consumers by helping them with their skin troubles, similar to those aforementioned.

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Source: Natural Substances Lab