Smart Management Co., Ltd. Leaps into Hong Kong, Bringing FXRENT to the Global Hub Market

2018-08-07 16:36 921

Having bridgehead in Hong Kong, the center of Asian financial market, Smart Management targets East-Asia and Mainland China

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Smart Management Co., Ltd. (CEO Jo, Jeong-sik) has recently established a corporate in Hong Kong, the financial hub of Asia. The company brings with them a brand new financial investment technique, FXRENT, which allows for FX investment with less expenses. Having established the first foreign branch in Hong Kong, Smart Management Co., Ltd. is enthusiastic in pioneering global markets, with a plan to leap into East Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, China, etc. 

FXRENT leaps into Hong Kong, the global hub market
FXRENT leaps into Hong Kong, the global hub market

Trading with FX margin usually involves deposit and various additional expenses, which might be too expensive for normal investors. With FXRENT, Smart Management Co., Ltd. directly purchases FX margin trade commodities and rents them to customers through the rent trade contract. Through this contract, customers share the profit/loss that occurs from the contracted FX margin trade commodity with Smart Management Co., Ltd. As a result, normal investors will be able to launch investments with less expense. This form of investment is also less risky than FX margin trade itself, making investment possible without the burden of big expenses.

Mr. Jo, Jeong-sik, CEO of Smart Management Co., Ltd., said: "We are planning to introduce FXRENT to Hong Kong, one of world's three major financial markets." He also said ambitiously, "Starting from Hong Kong, we will leap into East Asian and Chinese financial market to build up FXRENT as a global brand."

As of today, Smart Management has acquired a patent (Patent No. 10-1716403) called "FX margin trade rent trade method" and its FXRENT is very popular in Korea for its legality and creativity.

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Source: Smart Management Co., Ltd.