Social Media Week Jakarta 2019 Alive and Kicking, Attended by 11,000 Participants and 181 Speakers in 95 Sessions

SMW Jakarta 2019 thoroughly discussed phenomena, ideas, innovations, and new insights on marketing, creative and tech, as well as social media
Social Media Week Jakarta
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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Jakarta Social Media Week (SMW) 2019 officially ended today with several impressive key takeaways from speakers and visitors. The world's annual event for professionals in media, marketing, and technology titled "Stories: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility" was attended by 11,000 participants and 181 speakers, with a total of 95 sessions over a five-day series of events. SMW Jakarta consisted of conferences, community meetups, workshops, satellite events, and exhibitions which successfully attracted participants from diverse backgrounds from marketing, creative, and technology industries.

Community Meet Up Class “Content Disruption & Innovation That Works” by Fluxcup (Content Creator), Yusuf ‘Dalipin’ Arifin (Chief of Storyteller, kumparan), and Trivet Sembel (CEO, Proud Project) at SMW Jakarta. Photo credit: @sweet.escape
Community Meet Up Class “Content Disruption & Innovation That Works” by Fluxcup (Content Creator), Yusuf ‘Dalipin’ Arifin (Chief of Storyteller, kumparan), and Trivet Sembel (CEO, Proud Project) at SMW Jakarta. Photo credit: @sweet.escape

Since SMW Jakarta's introduction to the public at the end of August 2019 until the end of the event today, the level of interest among participants had been high – the number of visitors and participants reached 11,000 people. The participants enlivened SMW Jakarta event, consisting of conferences, community meetups, workshops, satellite events, and exhibitions. In total, there were 95 sessions during the 5-day SMW Jakarta 2019 event.

Overall, the sessions at this year's SMW Jakarta event, including some of the most awaited topics and speakers – namely "How to Be a Forefront of Pop Culture: Staying Relevant to Your Audience" presented by Karen Cheng (Head of Social, 9GAG ), "Building True Influence" by Nadya Hutagalung (UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, Founder of Let Elephants Be Elephants, and Media Personality), "Content Disruption & Innovation That Works" by Fluxcup (Content Creator), Yusuf 'Dalipin' Arifin (Chief of Storytellers,, and Trivet Sembel (CEO, Proud Project) have successfully attracted the interest and enthusiasm of participants to fill the stages of the event and listen to a variety of insights, stories, and new concepts shared by the speakers.

"Stories: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility"  

Raising the theme "Stories: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility", SMW Jakarta thoroughly discussed the importance of storytelling in conveying messages, whether it is a brand or an individual. Spicing up the event, NarasiTV Co-Founder Najwa Shihab presented the theme "Living in Social Media Today and Tomorrow". According to Najwa, anyone can become an influencer with the existence of diverse platforms.

"Everyone has the ability to influence others through stories about themselves or other people's stories that they find interesting. Everyone tells stories. Everyone talks, which makes so much noise and, consequently, confusing the audience between facts and opinions. Therefore, it is important for someone with a bigger platform, who is very influential, to always speak with rationale and reason, to speak the truth, be responsible, and maintain public well-being," she said at SMW Jakarta Conference stage on Thursday (November 14).

Another topic that grabbed the audience's attention was "How TikTok Redefines Fun in Social Media" presented by TikTok Indonesia Head of Marketing Dina Bhirawa and TikTok Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines Head of Public Policy Donny Eryastha. TikTok is a global application (app) that facilitates a medium for creators to create short-format videos. The popularity of TikTok in Indonesia is growing rapidly, as many as 69 percent of the online population in Indonesia – mainly driven by generation Z and millennials – are actively creating and consuming video content on the app. TikTok's popularity is supported by its interactive technology features, such as face recognition, hand gestures, multi-screen, as well as physical appearance changes with makeup and hair color.


The SMW Jakarta event was received favorably by the speakers, one of them being Visinema Pictures CEO Angga Dwimas Sasongko. "Events like this are very good, very insightful, attended by many cool and competent speakers in the industry. It feels great to be on the same stage with all of them. Hopefully, more speakers will be invited in the future," he said.

Meanwhile, Social Media Week Jakarta Chairman and PT Merah Cipta Media CEO Antonny Liem expressed his appreciation to all those who worked hard for this event. "We would like to thank all parties, from the speakers, partners, and teams involved, to all those who successfully made this event happen. Hopefully, SMW Jakarta can benefit all parties and participants. I hope in the future SMW Jakarta can continue to be a platform for all parties to share knowledge and positive information," he said.

In line with the purpose of this event, the public is expected to understand that technological conveniences must come with the responsibility to use it wisely. "The public is expected to be more aware and responsible in disseminating content which can be done through education, direction, growth, sharing, and actions, as this is a shared responsibility," he added.

Socially Devoted Awards

In collaboration with Socialbakers, the Socially Devoted Awards, which celebrate the most committed and interactive brands on social media, were announced during SMW Jakarta 2019. The awards recognize brands which have understood and adapted to the shifting paradigm of customer care and are presented to brands which have the most responsive and dynamic audiences on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The following awards were given to:

  1. Telkomsel for the Most "Socially Devoted" Brand on Facebook in 2019
  2. Telkom Care for the Most "Socially Devoted" Brand on Twitter in 2019
  3. Smartfren for the Most Engaging Brand on Facebook in 2019
  4. Shopee for Men for the Most Engaging Brand on Instagram in 2019
  5. Grab Indonesia for the Most Engaging Brand on Twitter in 2019
  6. Samsung Indonesia for Most Engaging Brand on YouTube in 2019                                             

See you at the next SMW Jakarta event.

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* The entire series of SMW Jakarta activities is documented by @sweet.escape

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Social Media Week (SMW) is a leading news platform and international conference that gathers and shares ideas, innovations, and best insights on how social media and technology are transforming businesses, communities, and cultures around the world.

Social Media Week Jakarta 2019 will be held on November 11-15, 2019, simultaneously with SMW Holland, SMW Puerto Rico, SMW Rome, and SMW Toronto. The event will have a series of Workshop classes on November 11-15, 2019. The main Conference and Community Meet Up sessions will be conducted in parallel for three days on November 13-15, 2019, at The Hall, Senayan City, 8th floor, Jakarta - Indonesia. On November 11-12, 2019, there will also be a series of Satellite Events independently hosted by various organizations coordinated by SMW Jakarta. 

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