Social Streaming Platform Bigo Live Launching Its First Hamburg Billboard Star To Inspire More In 2021

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MUNICH, Jan. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bigo Live, a global leader in live streaming, that connects users from across the world, is set to launch a series of broadcaster-centered campaigns starts with its first billboard featuring the winner of Miss Bigo on January 4, 2021, at Hamburg's Super Motion @Medienfassade St Pauli.

Social Streaming Platform Bigo Live Launching Its First Hamburg Billboard Star To Inspire More In 2021
Social Streaming Platform Bigo Live Launching Its First Hamburg Billboard Star To Inspire More In 2021

The Miss Bigo pageant was put together by broadcasters utilizing the unique Multi-Guest feature of Bigo Live, which allows multiple people to showcase and battle on their talent at the same time.  The coveted title went to Miss Van after rounds of self-introductions, beauty displays, and talent showcases.

In 2020, Bigo Live has achieved 400% revenue growth in Germany. As of December, there have been close to 10,000 live-streams taking place on the platform every single day, doubling the figure in January. 20% of active users on Bigo Live have experience of being broadcasters.

The event follows the success of both Halloween and Christmas events that saw live performances, festive giveaways, and more. The upcoming second annual Bigo Awards Gala will also put the spotlight firmly on all its broadcasters around the globe, the gala is set to take place at 8 p.m. (GTM+8) on January 21 to celebrate the resilience of its broadcasting community throughout the past year.

"I am just a normal person who loves to bring fun to others and I believe that everyone could unearth their own interesting personality and deliver happiness to others on Bigo Live, the support from my Bigo family is the ultimate drive for me to move forward on this great platform!" said Van, she also wishes to be more engaging in Bigo's events, and even present for next year's Bigo annual gala. 

Van started down her Bigo journey by streaming fun gigs in March this year. Her bubbly personality has quickly placed her among the ranks of the most popular broadcasters since she joined.

Van just established her own live-streaming agency company in December 2020. Starting with her friends, she hopes to bring in more people into this inclusive community. 

The real-time interaction encapsulates the whole experience of watching, engaging, and living in the moments. Bigo Live firmly believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to shine, and the platform is built for that.

Discover Bigo live this new year by downloading the app, and follow Bigo on Instagram for the latest updates.

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Bigo Live is a live streaming platform where users can share, inspire, and interact in real-time with each other across the world. Since its launch in 2016, the app has been widely used in more than 150 countries. Bigo Live is owned by BIGO Technology, which dedicates itself to enhancing the connection between people globally since its founding in 2014. BIGO Technology has more than 30 offices and six R&D centers around the world.

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