Sound of Bobing Game in a Moscow Shopping Mall: Mid-Autumn Festival Folks Helped Xiamen Attract Overseas Tourists

Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism
2019-09-27 16:47 619

MOSCOW, Sept. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- September 13 was the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. At the Mosaic Shopping and Entertainment Center in Moscow, the sound of the Bobing Game unique to Xiamen, Fujian, China in Mid-Autumn Festival was heard, and many Russians won "Chinese tea gifts" from the mascot of Xiamen Mid-Autumn Festival activity. Xiamen's interesting folk activities have made many Russians full of expectations for this beautiful Chinese city.

Starting from the launch of the event on August 30, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism has simultaneously released the Xiamen Mid-Autumn Cultural Experience Instant Game - Dice of Xiamen Bobing on its own official account for Facebook, Twitter and other overseas social media - Visit Xiamen, as well as the "Champion of Mid-Autumn Festival Game" VR experience. Through the game activities, 5.32 million people were attracted to experience Xiamen cultural tourism online, and the event was especially well received among netizens in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The English version of Xiamen's first launched Mid-Autumn Cultural Tourism themed publicity film "Realizing Dreams in Xiamen", was also broadcasted on YouTube, with 3.5 million viewers watching.

The 2019 Moscow Bobing Game Overseas Event was the eighth event of China Xiamen Mid-Autumn Tourism Festival Carnival, and also a new attempt by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism to extend the integration of "cultural and tourism" overseas. The "online and offline combination" will allow more overseas visitors to know about Xiamen, China, and further accelerate the process of building Xiamen to into an internationally renowned tourist destination.

Source: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism