Strongbow Turns Apple Cider into Sensorial Tunes to Refresh Chinese New Year

2019-01-31 09:00 1488

Strongbow Remixes a Refreshing Playlist Using the Sounds of its Most Loved Apple Ciders 

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- This Chinese New Year, Strongbow Apple Ciders is delighted to introduce its first-ever 'CNY Refreshed' album to give a new lease of life to the challenging questions and statements by friends and family at every CNY reunion. With a playlist of five tingle-inducing tunes created to refresh these common situations, consumers can now enjoy the festive experience to the fullest.

The 'CNY Refreshed' album features tracks inspired by typical Chinese New Year scenarios, such as being asked when you're getting married, being judged for your life choices, listening to a relative bragging about their latest achievementlike a broken record.

One can now tune in to these invigorating autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) tracks made of what Strongbow loves the most -- the refreshing sounds of apple cider -- and turn every exhausting moment into a rejuvenating one.

"We realised that one of the most 'challenging' Chinese New Year scenarios many try to avoid every year are the embarrassing conversations with relatives or friends which may dampen the mood of the festivity. Thus, this year we introduced these invigorating sounds of our beloved apple ciders to turn every situation into an enjoyable Strongbow experience." said Jiri Rakosnik, Marketing Director of Heineken Malaysia Berhad.

Rakosnik further explains, "We want people to reconnect and cherish these precious moments with their loved ones. We believe that the refreshing sounds of our Apple Ciders will enliven their festive experience."

The Strongbow 'CNY Refreshed' album is now available at Each track will also have a hidden promo code that can be redeemed on until 17 February 2019, giving the album's listeners a refreshing head start to the New Year. 

More information on Strongbow Apple Ciders' please visit our website. Keep updated by following Strongbow's Facebook page (, as well as hashtags #StrongbowMY #RefreshingByNature

Note to Editors

Strongbow Apple Ciders is the World's No. 1 Cider, with its British heritage and is now a beloved cider choice globally. It offers three flavours: Gold Apple, Dark Fruit and Elderflower. The apples used to make Strongbow are grown specially to produce crisp and refreshing ciders. Combined with Strongbow's mastery of extracting these apples' natural flavours that makes the cider extra special, presenting a refreshing taste with a balance of acidity and sweet softness, with a long finish. Strongbow Apple Ciders contain 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) and is best enjoyed over ice.

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