STUMPER, a VR Rhythm Game features tracks from famous EDM artists from Asia

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  • 8 new tracks to be included in the update available on the 30th of September in the hopes of increasing EDM fan base popularity
  • Continuous addition of new popular tracks to provide an up-to-date rhythm game experience to users

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Thirteenth Floor Corp. (CEO Park Jung-woo) announced that STUMPER, a VR rhythm game, has released 8 new tracks from 2 famous Asian EDM artists free of charge, through their recent ver. 1.0.6 update on the 30th of this month.


The collaboration between STUMPER and the EDM artists was planned to provide a unique, up-to-date rhythm game experience for its users by adding even more variety to their own collection of various music sources. And the 8 new tracks are to draw more music fans' attention as they featured other famous musicians from different genres such as Morcheeba, DJ Soda, and Part Time Cooks.

DASHIWA, a drummer-turned-producer, and DJ Fenner, a DJ whose popularity is storming the Asian EDM scene, are collaborating with STUMPER to be part of the development of the game. DASHIWA, a versatile musician released "Here With Me" with another emerging EDM producer and singer UZA last June, and recently released three additional tracks along with the collaboration with STUMPER. DJ Fenner has recently drawn the attention of the Asian EDM scene with his track record of appearing at various performances and music festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Sunburn Festival, his remixing works with popular artists including the legendary trip-hop band Morcheeba, and music source production experience.


Click on the links below to listen to or find out more about the 8 additional tracks added to STUMPER on Sep 30th.

DASHIWA stated, "It was really cool to see my music being visually represented with the shapes and movements in the game, just like breathing life into the sound," while DJ Fenner stated, "STUMPER really adds an extra layer of interaction and art to the music." Both expressed their satisfaction in being part of this collaboration opportunity.

STUMPER is the first in the industry to support real-time battle games between players. Unlike the previous version where the opponents were randomly selected, the update allows users to invite or check the opposition players' previous records, as well as various other community functions that enrich the gaming experience further. It also supports 9 new languages including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, French and Spanish in order to branch out to other international gamers. With plans to expand into PSVR and the Oculus store within this year, the update will allow VR gamers to enjoy STUMPER more than ever before.

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