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New hazardous waste treatment contract in Kaohsiung

HONG KONG, May 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SUEZ NWS and Cleanaway[1] won the Dafa hazardous waste treatment facility contract in Kaohsiung, located in south-western Taiwan. The contract provides for the acquisition of the plant by the two partners for NT$1.3 billion and its operation by Cleanaway SUEZ[2] , a new joint venture (JV) set up between SUEZ NWS (29%), Cleanaway (29%) and Taiwan's RSEA[3] (42%). This contract marks another significant milestone in SUEZ NWS's development in Taiwan. The Group is already active in Kaohsiung where it currently operates the waste-to-energy plant in Renwu District and the Chengcing Lake water treatment plant.

The Dafa hazardous waste treatment plant in Kaohsiung was built in 2004 with a designed capacity of 29,200 tons/year. It provides incineration services and combined physical and chemical treatment for various streams of hazardous waste (chemical waste, solvents, etc.). Cleanaway SUEZ will upgrade the plant's treatment facilities and will then build an extension to maximize its performance and treatment capacity. It will operate the plant in compliance with the most rigorous international safety standards, as well as national and EU standards on off-gas emissions. Cleanaway SUEZ will also build an advanced facility to treat the contaminated liquids produced by waste treatment for recycling as process water, thus enabling water savings. This contract will optimize the environmental and economic performance of the plant, while complying with the most stringent regulatory standards.

Bertrand Camus, Senior Executive VP of SUEZ in charge of Africa, Middle East, India, Asia and Pacific, said, "Through this new partnership, SUEZ will bring Taiwan the benefits of its global expertise in hazardous waste treatment. More importantly, this contract illustrates our commitment to help our industrial clients satisfy the highest environmental standards while ensuring the safety of our employees, suppliers and partners. Working with our Taiwanese partners, we will meet the challenge of waste recycling and recovery in Taiwan."

Present in Taiwan since 1995, SUEZ provides water treatment processes and services for hundreds of companies in the petroleum, chemical, steel and electronic semiconductor industries. The Group entered the emerging waste treatment market in 2000 through a 20-year operation and maintenance (O&M) contract at the Renwu waste-to-energy plant in Kaohsiung. The plant recovers 1,350 tons of municipal and industrial waste per day, converting it into energy to supply the plant and other end-users via the power grid. In 2002, the Group extended its business portfolio to municipal water treatment when it won a DBO contract to design, build and operate the Chengcing Lake water treatment plant in Kaohsiung. Currently managed by the Group, it supplies up to 450,000 cubic meters of drinking water daily for the city's inhabitants.

Representatives of SUEZ NWS, Cleanaway, and RSEA Engineering Corporation sign the agreement to establish a new joint venture Cleanaway SUEZ to co-operate the Dafa hazardous waste treatment facility in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Representatives of SUEZ NWS, Cleanaway, and RSEA Engineering Corporation sign the agreement to establish a new joint venture Cleanaway SUEZ to co-operate the Dafa hazardous waste treatment facility in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


[1] Cleanaway Company Limited

[2] Cleanaway SUEZ Environmental Resources Co., Ltd

[3] RSEA Engineering Corporation

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