Syrius Robotics Debuts at Supply Chain Asia 2019 in Singapore with FlexComet(TM) SL-50 AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot)

The robotics company aims to empower warehouse operations through leveraging AMR (autonomous mobile robot) and artificial intelligence, looking to expand in Southeast Asian Market
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SINGAPORE, Sept. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Syrius, a warehouse robotics company hailing from Shenzhen, China, showcased its FlexComet(TM) SL-50 AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) and FlexGalaxy(TM) Intelligent Warehouse System at Supply Chain Asia September 10-11 in Singapore.

As e-commerce in recent years has experienced rapid growth across the world, picking-up in the warehouse takes up to 60% of the time of the whole order fulfillment. Some warehouses have been using AGVs to increase efficiency, but the solution is costly and the deployment also takes a long time. Syrius has come up with an overall flexible and simplified solution to transform warehouse productivity through leveraging its AMR (autonomous mobile robot) and AI--the Flexcomet(TM) AMR and FlexGalaxy(TM) Intelligent Warehouse System.

Syrius team @ Supply Chain Asia 2019
Syrius team @ Supply Chain Asia 2019

Key benefits of Syrius' warehouse solution include:

  • Fast to deploy – No disruption to the existing warehouse infrastructure or work flow. Deployment can be completed in a couple of minutes.
  • Easy to use – The FlexComet(TM) SL-50 AMR works right out of the box and comes with intuitive user interface. Little-to-no training is needed for warehouse employees.
  • Scalable – Scale up as demands grow. Simply add more robots during holiday rushes.

Syrius can easily integrate with mainstream WMS, MES, ERP and others, providing real-time data intelligence for optimization of whole warehouse operations. The young startup has seen fast growth in mainland China and Japan. And now, the ambition for the Southeast Asian market brought the company to Supply Chain Asia. "The 2-day event provided us a good opportunity to connect with warehouse operations, logistics and manufacturing friends. And we've seen tremendous needs in this area. Our team will definitely accelerate our expansion," said Adam Jiang, CEO and founder of Syrius.

Syrius Awarded "Emerging Technologies for Autonomous Tech & Robotics"
Syrius Awarded "Emerging Technologies for Autonomous Tech & Robotics"

The unit price of FlexComet(TM) SL-50 is 15,999 USD, while the FlexGalaxy(TM) Intelligent Warehouse System charges a monthly fee of 199 USD. Right now, Syrius is running GoGoPick(TM) Program, which aims to bring firsthand experience of its solution to customers. The 2-week FREE trial includes up to 4 units of FlexComet(TM) SL-50 AMR, a system account, and onsite FAE deployment support and consulting service of warehouse operation. Contact Syrius via if you are interested in the program or becoming their distributor. To learn more about Syrius, please visit their website:

About Syrius

Founded in May 2018, Syrius specializes in providing an end-to-end solution of Smart Freight Transportation with technologies on Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and Artificial Intelligence for warehouse operations, logistics and manufacturing. Through leveraging the FlexComet AMR and FlexGalaxy(TM) Intelligent Warehouse System, Syrius has emerged as the new standard formula of flexible and productive Intelligent Warehouses Solution. The company has cumulatively raised around 10 million USD to support the fast growth across the world. Syrius now has a team of around 50 employees and has set up offices in Shenzhen, Beijing and Tokyo.

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