Taiwan Enzyme Village Embraces ESG, Exports Fruit and Vegetable-Based Natural Enzyme Drinks To The World

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TAIPEI, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With 30 years of industry experience, Taiwan Enzyme Village (TEV), formerly known as Wuxin Enzyme, is increasing exports of its hand-crafted natural enzyme drinks produced solely from fresh fruits and vegetables. More than 150 kinds of local Taiwan fresh fruits and vegetables are fermented over 545 days with professional craftsmanship and gate-keeping to become classic beverages for consumers globally.

Creating eco-friendly enzyme drinks from natural ingredients

Taiwan Enzyme Village has been involved in the enzyme industry for over three decades. Their primary expertise evolves around enzyme production and OEM manufacturing, providing quality control, R&D, and comprehensive OEM/ODM/OBM services.

Using their extensive experience, the company has created natural and health-focused fruits and vegetable-made enzyme drinks using the cycle of the four seasons in Taiwan. The drink production starts with fermentation, where the fruits are plump and mature.

The kingdom of fruits

Taiwan is often called the kingdom of fruits, but many precious fruits and vegetables are overproduced after peak season. TEV has always used the most energetic fresh fruits and vegetables as materials to produce healthy and delicious enzyme-based drinks.

"The long-term concept of Taiwan Enzyme Village is to promote local, support and cherish the local value. All kinds of farming are treasures, which need to be paid attention to and used flexibly,". says Chairman Zheng Buyuan of TEV.

A notch above the rest

After careful observation of the edibles, patented good bacteria are quenched and chained after 565 days of strict control. This is then developed into a natural fermentation liquid rich in over 150+types of delicious fruits and vegetables. The drinks become nutrient-filled with enzymes, probiotics, organic acids, and phytochemicals, making the enzyme drinks far healthier than regular fruit juices.

The company also handles relevant certificates, inspections, and analyses, such as halal certification, organic certification, and clean labeling. TEV has also stood out for its unique features that they take pride in, which include:

  • Using the exclusive patented Lactobacillus aerotolerant LE36, which in experiments has proved to offer good acid resistance, high content of active ingredients, and anti-inflammatory activity.
  • TEV won the 2018 Global Competition Winner Award - CWP217 Bacteria (aka LE36), this strain was also certified as a U.S. patented probiotic in 2022. This means TEV has gotten the Double Patent Effect Certification at home and abroad.
  • TEV uses 100% natural raw materials fermented without adding a single drop of water. The drinks retain their pure quality without preservatives or any harmful chemicals.
  • TEV believes in sustainability and using energy, water, safety, environmental protection, and green recycling process.
  • The company has passed the US patented probiotic certification, obtained the valued Dun & Bradstreet ESG report, and it implemented carbon footprint inspection and application.

TEV has had ESG DNA since its inception. The enzyme industry is an environmentally friendly and sustainable economy, but TEV continues to progress on CSRs, ESGs, and SDGs. They believe that by cherishing our land like a wise person, the most seasonal and natural ingredients will raise the healthiest and most beautiful you and me.

Last year, TEV practiced this with several new campaigns, such as purchasing lots of overproduced pineapples to make enzymes while distributing more than 3,000 pineapples to the public for free.

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About Taiwan Enzyme Village
Taiwan Enzyme Village (TEV) produces natural enzyme drinks solely from fresh fruits and vegetables. Their eco-friendly drinks use the natural four seasons of Taiwan to make healthy drinks for Taiwan and the world.

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