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LINCOLN, Nebraska, Feb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Talent Plus' Board of Directors unanimously selected Makenzie Rath as its new president. Rath joined Talent Plus in 2011 and has held roles in nearly each business unit. Recently, Rath led Talent Plus' Leadership Consultants, who analyze senior leaders' interviews and provide executive coaching and succession planning solutions. Upon college graduation, Rath moved to Singapore to work at Capella Singapore, the epitome of luxury hospitality in southeast Asia. She returned stateside to pursue a master's degree in organization development (OD)from Pepperdine University.

Makenzie Rath
Makenzie Rath

"Makenzie's focus on our client partners never waivers," says Kimberly Rath, Talent Plus co-chairman and co-founder. "Her understanding of our science and background in OD is unparalleled and led to successful launches of assessment/interview builds, such as Operational Manager Talent Online Assessment. Makenzie has served in client success roles and leadership roles, as well as Talent Plus' Board of Directors."

She grew up on a strength management journey, being familiar with Talent Plus and as a counselee in Nebraska Human Resources Institute (NHRI) (Talent Plus co-founder William E. Hall founded in the 1950s), from age of 5, continuing through high school. As a collegian, she was the first true-freshman mentor and continues to have mentoring relationships today.

"I'm looking forward to enlivening Dr. Hall's dream. Our colleagues work with client partners and speak globally about the difference individuals and organizations can make when able to actualize their full potential," Makenzie Rath offers. "I know our solutions enlighten individuals to what they and their teams can accomplish through scientifically assessing, selecting, onboarding, developing, coaching, engaging and retaining the right people with the right talents to grow."

Talent Plus, Inc. is the premier human capital and talent management consulting partner. Our solutions pave the way for individuals and organizations to exceed expectations of their clients, markets and communities. As experts at each critical inflection across the talent lifecycle, our solutions scientifically assess, select, onboard, develop, coach, engage and retain the right people with the right talents to grow and gain a profound and sustained competitive advantage over industry peers. Results include higher customer engagement, increased productivity, reduced turnover, strengthened positive employee engagement and improved profitability. We transform lives and organizations with opportunities to achieve  personal, professional and organizational potential. or  +1.800.VARSITY.

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