Team8: New parental control for healthy children

2022-01-11 10:05 1981

TAIPEI, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Team8 is an universe & Operating Systems for kids (6-12 years old). Give a new life to any Android phone (old or new) and secure it for kids combining Fun, Health, Education & Security.

Kids can create and manage their own super-hero (name, costume, abilities, etc.). Then use it in many games, alone or together. BUT to do all those activities the heroes will need kid's energy, this way Team8 motivate them to do exercises and take care of their health.

Parents can also control children's weight, send reminders for medication, GPS tracking, audio/video calls and send them text messages, arrange their agenda and much more…


Team8's idea and project come from Stephane Daucourt, CEO, personal experience. He used to be a fat kid who turn to an obese adult. In 2003 he lost more than 80kg in a year. Team8 know how hard it can be to live and grow with health challenges. It is why he created Team8, to turn every kid in the superhero of their health.

Team8 is a French company, who moved to Taiwan 2 years ago, looking for B2B partners & investors. Behind a cool, fun gaming universe, Team8 is building the pre-smartphone & 1st health platform dedicated to kids.

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Source: Team8