Tencent Music Entertainment Group Vice President Dennis Hau Spoke about Technology, Service and IoT, with More to be Shared on QQ Music and WeSing

TME Group Showcases the Infinite Possibilities of the Music Industry at Music Matters 2019
Tencent Music Entertainment Group
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SINGAPORE, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tencent Music Entertainment Group (hereinafter referred to as TME) is the leading online music entertainment platform in China that operates some of the most popular music apps locally and beyond. They are the only digital music provider in China to be invited to Music Matters 2019, one of the three top music record exhibitions in the world, for the three consecutive years, hosted in Singapore. Based on the CTS (Content, Technology, Service) strategy that TME launched on the forum, TME Group Vice President Mr. Dennis Hau gave a speech titled "Technology Empowers Music to Create Infinite Possibilities" sharing insights into the "technology" and "service" sections, which maximizes the value of the content in the CTS strategy. The panel was moderated by Professor Simon Lui, Director of Audio Research and Development Center, QQ Music BU from TME. Representatives from the ecosystem partners of QQ Music and WeSing also attended the panel, including Terry Zhao, General Manager of Sales, Marketing and Business Development from Baidu Smart Living Group, Lei Zhang, Vice President of Digital Cockpit & Software Development from NIO, Ray Zhuo, General Manager of Consumer SIoT BU from Lenovo Group, and Kennex Tse, Senior Director of Retail Sales and Channel Marketing from Shure Asia Limited. Mr. Dennis Hau engaged and communicated with the guest partners to jointly deliver a comprehensive introduction to the IoT smart music ecosystem of TME represented by QQ Music and WeSing.

(From Left to Right) Dr. Simon Lui, Mr. Dennis Hau, Mr. Terry Zhao, Mr. Lei Zhang, Mr. Ray Zhuo and Ms. Kennex Tse decoded QQ Music and WeSing’s IoT smart music ecosystem
(From Left to Right) Dr. Simon Lui, Mr. Dennis Hau, Mr. Terry Zhao, Mr. Lei Zhang, Mr. Ray Zhuo and Ms. Kennex Tse decoded QQ Music and WeSing’s IoT smart music ecosystem

Music Social Ecosystem with Big Data Facilitates AI Distribution

AI is changing people's lives rapidly. According to a report published by Deloitte in 2019, the size of the global AI market would exceed 6,000 billion dollars in 2025. TME Group Vice President Mr. Dennis Hau stressed that TME was digging deep into the AI technology and big data research. TME's most significant products, QQ Music and WeSing, had built the "from-listening-to-singing" music entertainment social ecosystem. The two platforms have accumulated a search-count of over 100 million per day, as well as having over a billion songs listened to per day, which combine to provide the basis for AI deep learning and precise distribution through big data.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group Vice President Dennis Hau speaking on the topic “Technology Empowers Music to Create Infinite Possibilities”
Tencent Music Entertainment Group Vice President Dennis Hau speaking on the topic “Technology Empowers Music to Create Infinite Possibilities”

AI Deep Learning Efficiently Discovers Quality Music

With world-leading technologies such as AI Music Quality Analysis and AI Tagging, QQ Music and WeSing had drastically improved efficiency in selecting, discovering and distributing quality content, which further allowed for more promising content and exposure support for users. According to Mr. Dennis Hau, "it is different from the recommendation systems of other streaming platforms which are based on analyzing user behavior. Our system is based on analyzing the audio features of music with AI. Every half-year, QQ Music discovers 100,000 good quality songs and distributes them precisely to users with different music preferences. Out of the 3,000 new songs uploaded daily, AI chooses 300 good quality songs per day, followed by the screening by editors who pick from the AI's selection. Our numbers show that AI-selected songs are preferred by users with a 108% increase in play-count and 25% increase in play-time. As for WeSing, there are 10 million new UGCs uploaded on the platform per day, of which 800,000 good quality UGCs are singled out using AI to make a smart and personalized recommendation to various interest groups. Comparing to the songs that have not gone through AI selection, the AI selected songs have an increased play-time of 20% and an increased user-conversion of 20%."

QQ Music and WeSing Expand "Music + Smart Scenes" Possibilities

Following the global trend of IoT, users have developed a higher need for services which have also given the growing hardware and digital music industry more possibilities. As stated by CCID consulting in 2017, the smart hardware industry was expanding quickly with the average growth rate exceeding 150%. In Mr. Dennis Hau's speech he specified that with QQ Music and WeSing as the representations, TME would continue to expand the boundaries of music life with more real-life applications and keep its pre-positioning whilst leading the industry in the four main "Music + Smart Scenes" areas: Music + Hardware, Music + Vehicle, Music + Wearable Device, and Music + Offline Experience.

Regarding Music + Hardware, QQ Music collaborated with both foreign and domestic top speakers, including the world-famous speaker brand SONOS and two of the top three Chinese speaker brands, Baidu and MI. Over 60% of popular smart speakers in the market use QQ Music as their streaming music application.

On the panel, Terry Zhao from Baidu shared a set of data: "Monthly voice interactions on DuerOS reached 3.6 billion in June 2019. 40% of voice commands on smart speakers powered by DuerOS are related to music which further evidences the penetration of digital music into the smart hardware industry. Baidu will continue to deepen its cooperation with QQ Music and bring the 'smart music life' experience to users."

Regarding Microphones, over the past couple of years WeSing's collaboration microphone with Lenovo and Shure has sold over two million pieces. Ray Zhuo from Lenovo Group praised Lenovo's collaboration with WeSing highly. He specifically mentioned that the Lenovo X WeSing microphone had reached 15% market share since it launched in 2018, becoming the top-seller in the Chinese market. Kennex Tse from Shure Asia Limited stated that due to WeSing's extensive music library, quality content distribution and music entertainment social network, Shure looked forward to continuing its deep cooperation with WeSing in the aspects of hardware, technology, service and more, providing users, especially the younger generation, with a more diverse and immersive karaoke experience.

On the subject of Music + Vehicle, QQ Music is the core strategic cooperation partner of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, NIO, new-energy car brands and more high-end companies. There are more than a million vehicles using QQ Music's in-vehicle music services every month. Meanwhile, eight of the 10 top domestic car brands in China are using the music services provided by QQ Music. Lei Zhang from NIO noted that 81.8% of the NIO users listened to music when driving, with the in-vehicle music listening duration accounting for 63.7% of the driving time, which illustrated that the mobile mode of music services had become a standard configuration for modern drivers. He also mentioned that QQ Music had a large and comprehensive music ecosystem. NIO aims to create a joyful lifestyle for its users and hopes to build an "in-car music life" jointly with QQ Music.

Concerning Music + Wearable Device, QQ music has covered over 5 million wearable devices and is expected to reach over 10 million wearable devices by the end of 2019. Leading children smartwatch brands in China are currently also using services provided by QQ Music.

With reference to Music + Offline Experience, WeSing fully explores the Chinese offline karaoke market and has invented the Live House, a new mode of offline self-service karaoke that leads the innovative trend in the industry, while WeSing's crossover offline mini KTVs take over 50% of the market share.

Lastly, Mr. Dennis Hau asserted that benefiting from the innovations in AI, 5G, and IoT, with a lead in the market, QQ Music and WeSing would continue to roll out the "Technology + Service" strategy in the future. With cutting-edge technology, multi-scenario music services, and collaborating partners from a wide range of areas, QQ Music and WeSing will also continue to build new pan-music applications from online to offline, from domestic to mobile, and from software to hardware, providing a smart music life that will allow its users to enjoy music anywhere at any time while building an open-ecosystem online and creating infinite music possibilities.

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