TeraBox Rolls Out Referral Program; Global Users Can Receive 2,000GB of Free Storage

2022-06-01 10:00 2147

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TeraBox, a cloud storage service, introduced a referral program encouraging global users to invite friends and family to join the platform.

TeraBox users can redeem up to 2,000GB in free cloud storage, valid for 180 days, in addition to the 1,024GB (1TB) of free cloud storage everyone receives.

Existing TeraBox users can activate the referral program by:

  1. Within the app, click on the activity banner and 'Collect Now' button to receive a unique shareable link
  2. Send to a friend or family member
  3. Once the friend or family member signs up and logs into the TeraBox app, the sender will see a 'To Collect' button on their program/activity page within the app
  4. Once activated, the referring TeraBox user can enjoy 200GB of extra storage per referral

Beloved worldwide, TeraBox recently announced its 35M download milestone.

"Our referral program allows users to share the joy of convenient, reliable cloud storage with their friends and family," said Olivia Tian, product lead at TeraBox. "We see it as growing the TeraBox family!"

TeraBox is also offering a "check-in" program, where users can receive bonus storage by visiting the app every day, earning up to 293GB after seven days. Once users complete a week of check-ins, they are encouraged to begin the process again. If a user misses a day, the program will start over. All storage gained from this program is valid for 180 days.

Users can find both programs in the app's welfare center, accessed via the main menu.

TeraBox automatically syncs files across devices, backs up photos and videos, and saves files to the local storage on users' devices.

Please note: TeraBox reserves the right to deny the referral program reward(s) in the event of fraud or other excluded circumstances. For questions about the referral program, please contact

Available for download on Android, iOS, and Windows devices, data can also be accessed online at

About TeraBox

TeraBox is an innovative cloud storage app that protects and organizes all the files on a user's device, helping them to quickly back up and navigate photos, important documents, and files with the aid of powerful AI technology. TeraBox enables worldwide users to experience the future of data backup and cloud storage solutions.

Source: TeraBox