Thai Hom Mali Rice's Unrivalled Quality Keeps People Coming Back for More

BANGKOK, June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, has introduced a project called "Think RICE, Think THAILAND" to encourage international community to pay attention to consumer health and to raise awareness on the national crop by providing a wider range of knowledge, ranging from national agricultural history, standards and Thai rice quality. Mr. Saminder Bedi, Business Head for Rice in Thailand for Phoenix Global, shared how Thai Hom Mali rice's unrivalled quality became a global favourite.

Mr. Saminder Bedi, Business Head for Rice in Thailand for Phoenix Global
Mr. Saminder Bedi, Business Head for Rice in Thailand for Phoenix Global

"Our business operations bring us into contact with customers globally," says Mr. Saminder Bedi. "Exports to Africa alone count for as much as 45% of Thailand's total exports of rice. It is, therefore, the region of focus and a key to our geographical segmentation, along with the US, Europe and key countries in the Middle East and Asia. All these regions have a very large consumer base for Thai Hom Mali Rice. As one of the dominant players in the rice business, we cater to their demand."

"Thai Hom Mali Rice is a global favourite because of two reasons. One, it's pleasing to the taste. Two, it's pleasing to the eye. Our clients are confident we can deliver the product, because Thailand is known to consistently produce good quality Thai Hom Mali Rice."

This dependability is the result of the high standards set by the Thai government. The government ensures that only certified Thai Hom Mali Rice seeds are used and only planted in the regions where the weather and soil conditions are perfect for growing Thai Hom Mali Rice.

Once the rice is ready for export, there is a rigorous inspection and approval process. Every inspection agency and inspector in Thailand needs to be licensed, Before the rice is shipped, samples are collected at Thai ports and the rice is tested to ensure quality control. QR codes are also used for traceability.

"The consistent track record of quality has resulted in a large customer base who are loyal to Thai Hom Mali Rice. And the number of customers continues to grow worldwide. Customers will not opt for other brands of rice. There is no substitute for the delicious taste, soft texture or fragrant aroma of Thai Hom Mali Rice."

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Source: Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand