Thai Rice Vinegar Drinks Ensure Health Benefits from Nature

BANGKOK, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, has introduced a project called "Think RICE, Think THAILAND" to encourage international community to pay attention to consumer health and to raise awareness on the national crop by providing a wider range of knowledge about Thai rice. Today, by using modern technologies and cutting-edge innovations, Thai rice has been developed and progressed to meet the ever-changing demand of global consumers.

The Ministry of Commerce discussed that with technologies and innovations, high-quality Thai rice can be developed into rice vinegar drink. Through meticulous production process, it ensures the finest drinks for consumers in Thailand and around the world. These alcohol-free drinks are packed with health-boosting amino acids, pleasant flavor and the fragrance of Thai rice.

Its benefits are diverse. Thai rice vinegar drink helps improve digestion and promotes the burning off of body fat. It is high in antioxidants, therefore, it helps lower cholesterol. With its good taste, it is a perfect drink to refresh and unwind.

Ideal for everyday consumption especially in the morning and before bed for full health benefits, Thai rice vinegar drink can also be used as salad dressing or in cooking to enhance the taste and aroma for every meals.

Think Rice Innovations, Think Thai Rice.

Think Rice, Think Thailand.

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Source: Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand