Thailand's Siam City Cement Group Strengthens Green Credentials With Avaya Communications Foundation

Leading cement manufacturer deploys Avaya's next-generation communications solutions to drive digital transformation and maintain commitment to sustainable development
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2018-02-27 10:00 1021

DUBAI, UAE, Feb. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Siam City Cement Public Company Limited (SCCC) is transforming its communications infrastructure with the support of Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA), enabling Thailand's leading cement manufacturer to continue reducing its carbon footprint as it expands across the Asia-Pacific region.

SCCC has been supporting Thailand's development for more than 47 years and was the first Thai cement producer to be certified for Green Industry Level 5, by the Ministry of Industry, for all its three plants - Siam City Concrete Co., Ltd., Conwood Co., Ltd., and INSEE SUPERBLOCK Co., Ltd. The company has expanded rapidly to more than six offices across the region, including operations in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam, and needed a robust communications infrastructure to support its digital transformation objectives while maintaining its commitment to sustainable development.

The company is deploying Avaya's next-generation solutions to streamline communications for customers and employees. Loxley Public Company Limited, a leading Thai technology company and Avaya channel partner, designed and implemented the project.

As a result, SCCC has transformed customer experience and improved employee productivity and collaboration across its 1,500 workers in the head office and regional plants. The Avaya solutions enable employees in different regions to connect seamlessly on the devices and channels of their choice, regardless of the quality of Internet connection in different countries.  Employees can now use video conferencing to collaborate, reducing the need for travel.

"With our rapid expansion across the region, we wanted a cost-effective solution that would enable us to meet our sustainable development objectives while driving our digital transformation journey. Avaya's communications solutions are empowering our employees to work and collaborate with each other effectively, regardless of their location, without driving up our carbon footprint. We have worked with Avaya for many years and we see Avaya as a key technology partner going forward," said Khun Ittaya Sirivasukarn, CEO of INSEE Digital Company Limited.  

"We are extremely proud of how SCCC is using communication technologies to deliver not only on its business goals, but also on its social mission. Avaya's communications technologies mean companies don't have to compromise on their environmental goals when they embark on their digital transformation journey. We congratulate SCCC for its forward-thinking approach and look forward to many great and innovative ideas in the future," said Bundhit Vongbuntoon, Country Director of Thailand, Avaya.

SCCC has won numerous awards linked to innovation in energy management and technology usage, and to corporate brand values, including the Excellence in Energy Management Award from Thailand's Department of Energy. According to a recent survey by YouGov, half of all consumers in the APAC region believe businesses have a responsibility to ensure their supply chain doesn't harm the environment.

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