The best way to take in the beauty of Japan's cherry blossom season is at secluded locations easily reachable by rail

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OSAKA, Japan, March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- It's spring again, and Japan is about to enter the fantasy season of the pink cherry blossom or sakura. The mix of colors and varieties in combination with the surrounding greenery vary widely from region to region, with each region's season having their own special and unique charm. The Japan Meteorological Agency says the cherry blossoms will come into bloom earlier than usual this year. This time, Kintetsu Railway Co., Ltd. recommends special journeys during which visitors can view the cherry blossoms while experiencing Japanese culture, taking into consideration the best times and places to view the wondrous pink plant.   


Japanese poetry that celebrates the beauty of the cherry blossom points to Yoshino in Nara Prefecture as the locale for finding the country's most ancient and famous varieties. Yoshino's cherry blossoms date back 1,200 years and cover entire hilltops when in full bloom. They are expected to peak on or around April 8 this year. Kintetsu Railway Co., Ltd. ("Kintetsu Railway") will add additional trains to both the regular and express train schedules to serve the region during sakura season. Passengers can enjoy the railway journey by reserving the special seats designated for the best viewing with the purchase of an extra express ticket (510 yen) (Osaka Abenobashi Station (Tennoji Station) - Yoshino Station, 75 minutes). 

Also located along Kintetsu Railway is Nabana no Sato in Mie Prefecture. The destination, which was included in TripAdvisor's TOP 30 destinations which visitors couldn't get enough of in 2017, will experience their peak in mid-to-late March. In addition to cherry blossoms, the area is known for its tulips and other seasonal plants. The crabapple planted in local greenhouses is available for viewing all year round. From the beginning of this year until May 6, Nabana no Sato's popular nightly winter illumination event transports the visitor into a dream-like world once evening makes its arrival. Visitors can get there by boarding Kintetsu Railway's train at Nagashima Station (from Nagoya Station: 25 minutes; from Namba Station: Limited Express trains, take about 2 hours and 20 minutes), and then transferring to the shuttle bus.

After cherry blossom season, new green leaves will start to sprout along the train route as it passes through Mie Prefecture and Ise Shima. The fields of blue sea and emerald-like green leaves contrast finely with each other, becoming a sight to behold as visitors, from the leisure of their seat, take in the beauty of nature as the train rolls by.

Visitors from outside of Japan are recommended to take advantage of the exclusive discount package for foreign tourists, KINTETSU RAIL PASS, and purchase express tickets as necessary, making it possible to affordably enjoy the travel by rail within the time validity of the ticket.

Tomb-Sweeping Day and the Easter holidays are quickly arriving in Hong Kong. Visitors are invited to take in the natural beauty of Nara, Mie Prefecture and Ise Shima this spring.

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