The Carrot Patch transforms hotel and arcade bars into coworking spaces.

Happy hour at where you work? Now you can. Members can work from a network of bars-turned-coworking-spaces coupled with exclusive F&B perks
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SINGAPORE, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Carrot Patch, a Singaporean coworking start-up, is the first in Singapore to bring this new concept of transforming hotel and arcade bars into coworking spaces. The Carrot Patch @ SKAI Bar and The Carrot Patch @ Level Up are the first two locations from their network that will serve members from June 2019.

These bars are now being repurposed when they are usually closed during the day thanks to this new concept that turns otherwise closed bars into inspiring and fun workspaces. The Carrot Patch is helping to connect freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers alike with these bars (or even restaurants and cafes in the future), offering alternative workspace solutions for members.

This is an ideal win-win arrangement: Members get a quiet working space, while bars get potential happy-hour customers. "We noticed that such beautiful and unique bars are not used during the day and that our members love to work from a laptop and have fun, so we thought, why don't we marry the two?" said The Carrot Patch's General Manager, Loo Kian Wai.

Inside The Carrot Patch @ SKAI Bar, a coworking service that operates out of a hotel bar
Inside The Carrot Patch @ SKAI Bar, a coworking service that operates out of a hotel bar

The Carrot Patch @ SKAI Bar, based right above City Hall MRT station, is located on the 70th level of Swissôtel The Stamford and, features breath-taking views of the Singapore skyline with remarkable ambience.

"The Carrot Patch's belief in placing 'people-first' aligns perfectly with our values, where our guests are of top priority to us. We are incredibly excited to work with a like-minded partner like them. This is also a great opportunity to introduce SKAI Bar to members and to utilise the space during non-service-operational hours. Also, with Swissôtel The Stamford's prime location and excellent connectivity, coupled with the mesmerising views of the city skyline, SKAI Bar provides the perfect location to network and host events," said Emmanuel Benardos, General Manager of Food & Beverage -- Swissôtel The Stamford

Inside The Carrot Patch @ Level Up, a coworking service that operates out of an arcade bar
Inside The Carrot Patch @ Level Up, a coworking service that operates out of an arcade bar

The Carrot Patch @ Level Up, is an arcade bar in Clarke Quay, featuring luxurious sofa seats suited for discussions as well as a myriad of arcade games from claw machines to dart machines.

"We decided to partner with The Carrot Patch as we were looking for someone to utilize the place with the right idea and right concept to fit in with our theme. I personally feel that this new concept has a very promising future, as the underutilization of spaces in Singapore is quite apparent and there can be much better usage to what places like mine can offer to The Carrot Patch," said Mark Huang, founder of Level Up.

The Carrot Patch is looking to expand to a network of collaborative workspaces, specially curated with unique features, as well as basic necessities such as comfortable seating, and proximity to public transportation. The company will soon seek to expand across the city, offering convenience and accessibility to members, riding the rising wave of coworking.

Moving forward, anyone who works remotely from a computer can bid goodbye to the good old days where they need to fight for a seat in a crowded café, or waste time travelling back to the office after a meeting.

"Apart from the flexibility we offer to our members with the network, the human touch is something we value highly," said Loo. The Carrot Patch members will be welcomed by their community ambassadors, who will be manning the spaces as hosts. The hosts serve as the members' friend and will try their best to provide assistance to the needs of their members. The Carrot Patch also aims to build a community that spans across the country so that individuals have opportunities to come together with like-minded professionals to network, through meetup sessions and community events.

Stemming from The Carrot Patch's mission of caring about their members, they can also access to exclusive Food & Beverage perks offered by the bars through the partnership between the bars and The Carrot Patch. Partners, on the other hand, can generate more awareness for their business.

The Carrot Patch members can work from their preferred location, network with like-minded professionals, happy hour at these bars -- stocked with bottomless coffee and tea in addition to the high-speed Wi-Fi, for a starting fee of S$20 for a day.

In celebration of the launch, The Carrot Patch is offering their price plans at a special rate of S$158/month for 10 Passes and S$220/month for Unlimited Hot Desk.

Exclusive for Media
Complimentary Media 10 Passes to access both The Carrot Patch @ Level Up and The Carrot Patch @ SKAI Bar to work and play.

For your Complimentary Media 10 Passes, please fill up this form:

Final issuance of Media Passes is subjected to The Carrot Patch's discretion. Please contact Kallis Chen ( prior to your redemption.

About The Carrot Patch

The Carrot Patch (TCP) is a network of vibrant coworking spaces, designed for a community that values flexibility.  As a bridge where connections are made, The Carrot Patch transforms underutilized spaces into inspiring and fun spaces for members to mingle and work. With our extensive network of spaces and supporting startup ecosystem, The Carrot Patch is the hotbed of success because, we care about what is good for our members.

P.S. A recurring motif throughout the business, the Carrot is versatile, nutritious and signifies vibrancy, hope and wisdom -- important elements to making businesses work.


The Carrot Patch's Partners

About Level Up  

Level Up is Singapore's first ever arcade bar, that combines a wide array of retro arcade drinking games with live band entertainment from key local musicians, staying true to their motto of "Eat, Drink, Play". 

About SKAI Bar

Bringing to the fore a chic contemporary grill set in a new lifestyle and social dining destination, SKAI is located on the 70th floor of the iconic Swissôtel The Stamford and is prepped to become the go-to sky-dining establishment in Singapore. Pairing unparalleled views of the cityscape with a curated selection of prime beef cuts and fresh seafood infused with delicate Japanese accents, Chef Paul Hallett's signature culinary style, philosophy and techniques are showcased in SKAI's contemporary and casually inviting setting.

SKAI features the finest produce with a respectful tribute towards Japanese ingredients; the lunch set menu comprises grains and salads, main courses and delicious desserts, while the dinner menu brings a more refined selection of sharing plates and Ishiyaki. Chef Paul lends his extensive expertise in butchery to SKAI, sourcing and curing premium quality beef, cooked to perfection in SKAI's state-of-the-art Josper Charcoal Oven. The restaurant offers a thoughtful balance with an array of fresh fish and seafood, delivering a well-rounded dining experience to return to regularly. Winner of the Singapore Pastry Cup 2017, Chef Koo Jee brings her expertise to deliver a delicious range of desserts, as well as an exclusive afternoon pastry offering. 

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