The EB-5 Visa Program Can Keep the American Dream within Reach: CanAm Enterprises Shares Important Due Diligence Tips

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2019-10-11 08:30 691

HONG KONG and TAIPEI, Oct. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CanAm Enterprises continues to closely analyze the increasing restrictions in the United States immigration program along with challenging demand for evidences and increased denials rates. It is becoming difficult to obtain the US visa, disrupting many American Dreams.

This has made the investment-linked visas a popular choice for aspirants as there are fewer restrictions in comparison to other visas. One of such investment visas is EB-5 which gives high-net-worth individuals an opportunity to get permanent residence in the United States not only for themselves but also for their spouses and children under the age of 21.

An EB-5 investor is required to invest a specified sum in projects in the US and generate 10 jobs for US citizens. EB-5 investor-families get green cards after their applications are approved, as opposed to other employment-based visas. EB-5 investors do not need an employer to sponsor his/her petition and can enjoy the freedom of living or working anywhere in the United States.

However, USCIS has allocated a quota of only 700 applications per country each year. This limitation and the tightening the laws for other visas is making people desperate to file their I-526 application as soon as possible to avoid longer wait time.

The desperateness has led many investors to skip thorough checks and verification on immigration attorneys and regional centers. The investors are failing to understand that EB-5 Program is complex, and one misstep can lead to months of delays, requests for extensive documentation, or even flat-out application denial.

EB-5 is a multifaceted program and an experienced EB-5 immigration attorney and regional center is a must to assist the investor with the intricate procedure.

CanAm would like to share its expertise to provide tips on proper EB-5 immigration investment due diligence to maximize the likelihood of reaching immigration goals. Read the full story.

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CanAm Enterprises is a leading EB-5 regional center which has a long and established track record. Basing its business on a reputation of credibility and trust, CanAm has financed nearly 60 projects and raised more than $2.8 billion in EB-5 investments. More than $1.3 billion in EB-5 capital from over 2,600 families has been repaid by CanAm's 40 projects to date.

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