The Korea Herald introduces: ASEAN "Super" Week to highlight ASEAN and Korea Partnership

2021-10-04 09:01 1136

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Following announcement covered by The Korea Herald, The ASEAN-Korea Centre will organize the ASEAN Week, from 5 to 6 October, both on and offline. The flagship event will be held in conjunction with the 'Korea-ASEAN & India Business Week 2021' in partnership with the Presidential Committee on New Southern Policy and Korea International Trade Association and will present a variety of programs in trade, investment, culture, and youth.

First, trade and investment programs are expected to provide new opportunities for ASEAN and Korean businesses in today's rapidly changing business environment which is intensified by the pandemic. 'ASEAN & Indian Pavilion (Oct. 5-6, Exhibition Hall C)' will exhibit quality products curated by 10 ASEAN countries such as F&B, cosmetics, and home décor, all of which have witnessed a growing demand for imports during the pandemic. Business meetings with ASEAN embassies and trade offices will also be available during the Pavilion. 'Seminar on Business Opportunities in ASEAN Special Economic Zones/Industrial Zones (Oct. 6, 13:00-16:00 (KST))' will provide useful information on the SEZs/IZs of ASEAN Member States for Korean companies seeking to expand investment in the region in the aftermath of the COVID-19.

Culture and youth programs are also in store to promote mutual understanding and strengthen people-to-people connectivity between ASEAN and Korea. 'ASEAN Photos & Lifestyle Exhibition (Oct. 5-6, COEX Exhibition Hall C / Oct. 4-8, COEX East Gate Lobby)' will display photographs and culture items of 10 ASEAN countries on the theme of 'rice' which is the main staple of the peoples of both Korea and Southeast Asian countries. 'ASEAN Culinary Show' will be aired on EBS1 (Oct. 4-8. 10:50-11:20 (KST)), offering viewers a glimpse of Southeast Asian culinary cultures through mouth-watering, colorful desserts made with rice and other enticing ingredients such as jackfruit, coconut, and banana. Lastly, 'ASEAN Youth Career Mentorship Seminar (Oct. 5, 15:30-17:35 (KST), live-stream)' will provide mentoring and special lectures for ASEAN students in Korea who are seeking to pursue their career in Korean companies.

The ASEAN-Korea Centre first launched the ASEAN Week in 2019 as a comprehensive culture and tourism event to showcase ASEAN's unique and diverse culture to the Korean public. This year, the flagship event expanded its scope to include economic and youth programs and in view of the pandemic is being offered online to allow greater public access.

Source: The Korea Herald