The Promotion Article of When Anhui Hot Springs meet Russian Hot Springs was published on Russian Newspapers

HEFEI, China, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province, on February 1, local time, a tourism promotion article, namely When Anhui Hot Springs meet Russian Hot Springs was published by Russian Newspaper (Rossiyskaya Gazeta). This article refers to the differences between the hot springs of Anhui province with the hot springs of Russia. This is a description of the trip of Anhui hot springs and Russian hot springs.

From Kotelnikovsky hot spring in Baikal in Russia to Zuiwenquan spring of Huangshan city in Anhui, China. The former one embraces the beautiful Baikal rift valley and the other one has 160 square kilometers mountain range natural oxygen bar in Mount Huangshan scenic spot. When a happy trip comes to an end, it's the best choice of enjoying the hot spring for relieving the fatigue of the trip.

Of course, hot springs have different "personalities". The Kamchatka hot spring in Russia is a natural embodiment of the volcanic area, with a strong-willed character. Taking a bath in the hot spring, visitors can see the panoramic view of the volcano, grassland and snow. Anhui Chaohu Bantang hot spring, one of the four famous springs in China, is "gentle" in character. It is a combination of two hot springs, one cold and one hot, with half cold and half hot. They all share the same praise -- the song of "ice and fire" in the hot springs.

In addition to relieving fatigue, some hot springs also have certain medical effects. Belokuliha hot spring in Altay of Russia and Tangwang hot spring in Bozhou city of Anhui Province are the representatives. The "Tangwang hot spring" in Bozhou, Anhui Province has the "super power" of "strontium medicine". It is comfortable to smell the fragrance of medicine and listen to the story of Hua Tuo, the imperial doctor in Chinese history. It has its own unique cultural characteristics of health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine. Apart from the hot springs, visitors can also taste medicated food and feel the traditional Chinese medicine health physiotherapy, which is a veritable health trip.

Source: Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province