The World's Best Companies Share Learnings for Diversity, Leadership and Success at 2018 World Edition of Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky(R) Held in Singapore

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Break the ceiling touch the sky® Leonie awards -- celebrating global gender diversity and leadership excellence also announced.

SINGAPORE, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Over 130 Companies of the world's best Companies came together at the 2018 World Edition of House of Rose Professional's Break the ceiling touch the sky® - the success and leadership summit for women in Singapore on Sept 10, 2018 to share best practices on diversity, leadership and success. The summit was accompanied by the 2018 Break the ceiling touch the sky Leonie® awards for global gender diversity and leadership excellence. Over 500 leaders attended the summit.  

A stunning line up of global speakers took to the stage to share their best practices with participants at the summit.

Amit Banati, President, Asia Pacific at the Kellogg Company commented: "To achieve success in Diversity we have hardwired it onto our business strategy with strong support from all our leaders. What gets measured gets done. At Kellogg Asia Pacific we have been very intentional about the outcomes we want and the investments we have made in diversity. Our focus on mentoring, dealing with unconscious bias, creating a network for women leaders, and consistent tracking of progress against our metrics have helped us achieve impact in our Diversity agenda."

Julie Hamilton, Global Chief Customer and Commercial Leadership Officer & Senior Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company highlighted the importance of women in leadership being intentional about building their own careers, networks and supporting other women. "Step out of your comfort zone and make sure you reach out, network and constantly build your support network. This support will be priceless as you develop in your career," she shared.

Joy Xu, Global Head of Human Resources (CHRO), Sandoz shared a simple philosophy that has enabled Sandoz to successfully unlock the full potential of gender diversity on its business. She underlined this simple formula as career advice for the leaders attending the summit. "Double down on "why" -- your purpose and double down on action, make it happen", she advised.

James Michael Lafferty, CEO, Fine Hygienic Holding stunned the room by declaring that the time for introspection on gender diversity was over and CEOs now needed to walk the talk and deliver on the diversity agenda. "Diversity equals better business. More women at the top is a proven business builder so the time for analysis and reflection is over!! At Fine Hygienic Holding we have made it clear that the 'boys club' is history and for those who do not support gender diversity, they will not be successful in the company. We know that this will have a transformational effect on our relationships with customers and our business," shared Lafferty. Fine Hygienic has since Lafferty's taking on the assignment of CEO in April 2018 moved from zero women at the management board level to 30% percent of women on the Management Board.

Kash Shaikh, Founder and CEO, Besomebody Inc. speaking on the Panel "50 Minutes. The toughest questions you will face in your career" talked about the need for leaders to be resilient. "Nothing of meaning or of value comes easy. You have to put in the work. Sacrifice, struggle, suffer, succeed."

Sheela Parakkal, Chief Human Resources, Chief Human Resources Officer Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited commented, "You are more than your work. Reflect on what you're passionate about that defines you as the person you are today...and do not be afraid to pursue it. It's never too late to start or re-start on a passion that makes you whole and complete. Stay true to who you are and do not lose yourself in the process."

Speaking on the panel 'Understanding unconscious bias and how to deal with it" Alexander McMyn, Partner, Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee Singapore urged participants to recognize that each one of us come with certain biases."It's fine for us to have bias -- we are all products of our own environment, but it's NOT fine for us to fail to work on addressing and neutralising our biases. If each of us eliminates some of the biases we hold, we could create a huge positive change!"

Lynne Anne Davis, President and Senior Partner, FleishmanHillard Asia Pacific, brought the day to a climax in her keynote"Living on the Edge for Inspiration," when she shared "Diversity is essential to creativity and that extends to living a diverse life. You're never too old or too young -- or too anything -- to reinvent yourself or make an impact on the world. By experiencing more, we gain a richer, greater universe of inspiration to draw on for ideas. The greatest leaps of growth are made outside of our comfort zone, on the edge. That's where you find the true potential of your career and in life."

House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd. also announced the winners of the 2018 Break the ceiling touch the sky Leonie awards for global gender diversity and leadership excellence at the summit. The world's best companies competed to win top honours across seven award categories.  A jury of 40 global, C suite leaders, led by Julie Hamilton, The Coca-Coca Company, Alex von Behr, President vBA Consulting and Joy Xu, of Sandoz lead the awards judging.

Winners at the awards in the key categories were as follows:

Top 10 Best Companies for gender diversity: Accenture, PepsiCo Australia New Zealand, General Motors -- Middle East Operations, Singtel Telecommunications Ltd., Sandoz, Procter & Gamble Asia Pacific, Unilever, FleishmanHillard, SAP Asia Pacific Japan, Kellogg Asia Pacific.

Top 10 Best CEOs leading on gender diversityBelinda Tumbers, Kellogg Australia Pty Ltd.; Christina Ruggiero, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, Richard Francis, Sandoz; Suresh Narayanan, Nestle India Ltd; Magesvaran Suranjan, Procter & Gamble; Amit Banati, Kellogg Asia Pacific; Angela Korompilas, American Hotel Register Company; Shahzeb Mahmood, Reckitt Benckiser; James Michael Lafferty, Fine Hygienic Holding; Luciano Poli, Dow Chemical Company.

Top 10 Inspirational women leaders of the year: Yukari Inoue, Kellogg Asia Pacific; Christina Ruggiero, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Limited; Umran Beba, PepsiCo; Angela Korompilas, American Hotel Register Company; Stephanie Keen, Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee; Lynne Anne Davis, FleishmanHillard Asia Pacific; Barbara Levi Mager, Sandoz; Julie Lewis, Mountain High; Christine Black, Coca-Cola South Pacific and Chatelle Lynch, McAfee (tied for 9th place); Colleen Lindholz, Kroger and Kris Giswold, Mondelez International (tied for 10th place).

Best Human Resources/ Diversity & Inclusion leaders: Assaf Al Quraishi, Unilever Middle East & North Africa; Nicola Billeh, Fine Hygienic Holding; Rossana Gray, Sandoz; Judith Trujillo, General Motors Middle East; Sophie Guerin, Dell; Sheela Parakkal, Prudential Singapore; Jennifer Bonnie, Mondelez International 

Male Champions for gender diversity: Richard McLean, SAP; Glenn Osaki, MSLGroup Asia; Andy Ferris, Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee, Shivendu Nadkarni, Kellogg Asia Pacific; Miles Wilson, International Hotel Supply; James Michael Lafferty, Fine Hygienic Holding; Max Amen, Coty.

Mentor of the Year Award: Francisco Ballester, Sandoz; Amanda Banfield, Mondelez International; Ghassan Nuqul, Fine Hygienic Holding; Rui Yuan Chen, Coty; Idan Moskovitch, Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee; Miles Wilson, International Hotel Supply; Angeline Martyn, Save the Children.

"Walk the Talk" campaign5BY20 Initiative, The Coca-Cola Company; Flex work@Sandoz, Sandoz; MyRoad, Coca-Cola South Pacific.

Break the ceiling touch the sky® -- the success and leadership summit for women® was launched in 2015 by House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd, after the success of the book Break the ceiling touch the sky: success secrets of the world's most inspirational women by Anthony. A. Rose, (the book and the summit are now in use by close to 200 international companies as a means of enabling their women in leadership). The summit has evolved to become a key enabler of gender diversity around the world in the Corporate sector with current editions in Singapore (world edition), India, Australia and the Middle East and upcoming editions in the USA and Europe.

Sponsors for the 2018 World Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® are Coca-Cola as World sponsors, Prudential and Hogan Lovells as Platinum Sponsors; SC Johnson & Son, Kellogg, Visa and Suntory as Gold Sponsors; FleishmanHillard, Accenture and Coty as Silver sponsors and Fine Hygienic Holding as Luncheon sponsor. Sandoz was the Primary sponsor for the Leonie Awards.

The summit is supported by several of the leading chambers and business associations as Industry Partners including Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC), British Chamber of Commerce (BRITCHAM), American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), Australian Chamber of Commerce (AUSTCHAM), European Chamber of Commerce (EUROCHAM), Swedish Chamber of Commerce (SWEDCHAM), Singapore Institute of Directors (SID), US-ASEAN Business Council, EU-ASEAN Business Council, Singapore Council of Women's Organizations (SCWO) etc.

Commented Anthony A. Rose, Founder Chairman and CEO, House of Rose Professional and best-selling author of the book Break the ceiling touch the sky: success secrets of the world's most inspirational women which inspired the summit, "The 2018 World Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® and the Leonie awards have given us rich learnings on how best to accelerate our contributions in enabling many more women leaders to the senior-most levels of leadership over the next year. Congratulations to all the winners at the Leonie Awards and thanks to all who participated at the summit."

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