Tianfu Cloud Town: Feel the Style and Culture of Towns

CHENGDU, China, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "Tianfu Cloud Town"(Chengdu tian fu yun duan xiao cheng), a brand comprising of 279 towns in Chengdu, is committed to creating a distinctive and complete tourism attraction. The ancient towns of Chengdu are imbued with historical significance and culture, making them popular tourist destinations. Many events are organized in these towns every year, including art festivals, half marathons and cross-country races, injecting fresh fashion and vitality into these towns. The HAKKA 50 cross-country race is scheduled to take place on 13 December in Luodai Town, Longquanyi District, and Chengdu, which has been crowned as "the first HAKKA town in western China." With Luodai Ancient Town as the starting point, the cross-country race will pass through the Ancient Path, Wanxingchang Community and Longquan Mountain. Besides the race, visitors can watch the Hakka song and dance performances, participate in the Hakka-style long-table banquet, and experience real Hakka folk customs. 

The ancient towns of Chengdu are rich with countless styles and characteristics, of which Luodai Ancient Town is only one such town. Wandering in one of those towns, visitors will be immersed in its ancient history alongside modern development and impressed by its stunning natural landscape with babbling creeks and verdant mountains. Take a sip of tea or wine, and enjoy the laid-back vibe. Huanglongxi Ancient Town, characterized by ancient bridges, small pavilions and picturesque landscapes, is the backyard garden for Chengdu locals and is called "the Most Beautiful Water Place." Anren Ancient Town, known as the "Chinese Museum Town," features a combination of traditional and modern styles and the culture of the Republic of China. Jiezi Ancient Town, the "Backyard Garden of Qingcheng," is a place with ancient villages, attractive scenery and delicious food. The Yuantong Ancient Town is known as the "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival in the real world." The ancient houses on stilts are the most distinctive buildings here and have been maintained and kept in the same condition they were more than one thousand year ago. There are so many wonderful ancient towns worth exploring. Let's travel with Tianfu Cloud Town and experience the style and culture of these beautiful towns. 

Source: Chengdu tian fu yun duan xiao cheng