Tokio Marine Partners WIZ.AI to Automate Customer Service Via Conversational AI Talkbot

2021-11-18 12:00 935

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In its recent regional digitalisation transformation initiative, PT Asuransi Tokio Marine Indonesia ("TMI") partnered with WIZ.AI, the ASEAN Voice AI leader, to launch its conversational voice AI Talkbot.


As one of the largest general insurers in Indonesia, TMI has a strong commitment to put customer satisfaction as main priority, guided by its core mission "To be a Good Company". Combining the efficiency of self-serve solutions and the warmth of human engagements, the Talkbots have improved TMI's Customer Satisfaction Score across the board.

Mr. Sancoyo Setiabudi, President Director of TMI, commented: "The digital age arrives with a set of big communication challenges for conventional communication strategies. It is important for us to find innovative, efficient and interactive ways to handle mass communication with our customers and partners. I believe this implementation will help us to provide more services to existing customers and proactively approach potential customers."

The Talkbot is indistinguishable from a human call centre agent, with over 95% of callers not being able to tell the difference. It incorporates AI techniques, such as pauses, intent recognition and varying pitch and tone to interact with the customer in a natural human-like manner. It is also backed by their proprietary Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding technologies, which enable the Talkbot to understand and speak several different ASEAN languages.

WIZ.AI Talkbots work closely with TMI's human agents and only calls that have been identified to require more of a human touch will be channelled to a human agent. This cultivates a more agile contact centre, which boost TMI's service capability and labour efficiency.

"I believe customer service should be accessible, human-like, warm and most importantly hyper-personalized. By working closely with TMI, we have pushed the boundaries of human-AI collaboration to provide a better customer experience," said Jennifer Zhang, CEO and Founder of WIZ.AI.

About Tokio Marine Group

Tokio Marine was established in the year 1879 as the first insurance company in Japan and has grown over the decades, now offering an extensive selection of General and Life insurance products and solutions in 46 countries and regions worldwide.

About WIZ.AI

WIZ.AI is a fast-growing start-up specializing in providing humanistic AI conversational solutions to transform customer service. The company is headquartered in Singapore and with market presence in Indonesia, Philippines and China.

Source: Tokio Marine Asia