Toyobo to expand film product line made with recycled resin from PET beverage bottles under the Beverage Bottles to Film - BB2F trademark

2020-05-20 14:26 643

OSAKA, Japan, May 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Toyobo Co., Ltd. is developing its lineup of environmentally friendly, highly functional film made with recycled resin from PET beverage bottles under the Beverage Bottles to Film - BB2FTM* trademark and focusing on expanding into global markets.

* Trademark applications filed in Japan and India in 2019 and in Europe and other countries in 2020.

Amid increasing environmental awareness worldwide, demand for film products made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin is also growing. In 2012, Toyobo launched PET film CYCLE CLEANTM, 80 percent of which is made from recycled resins, the industry's highest ratios. It has a thickness of 12 micrometers, which is the thinnest in the industry. This product does not use mill ends or defective pieces generated in the manufacturing process, but contributes to reducing used plastic waste by using only PCR resin from PET beverage bottles. This environmentally friendly product has been widely adopted as wrap-round labels for PET bottles and other purposes. 

With the Beverage Bottles to Film - BB2FTM trademark, Toyobo is accelerating development of film product line made with PCR resin purely from beverage bottles. In addition to CYCLE CLEANTM, it is going to include the thin shrink film SPACE CLEANTM and ECOSYARTM, a film with high gas barrier properties. Toyobo plans to expand sales of environmentally friendly and highly functional films globally to help achieve a circular economy in the flexible packaging industry.

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Source: Toyobo Co., Ltd.
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