Trekar Limited to officially Launch the Virtue Mobile Application for Intra-City Freight Delivery in Hong Kong

"GET MORE LIFE." - A Point to Point Parcel Delivery Service in Hong Kong with Real-Time Map Tracking, A Government backed Virtue App launch.
2018-04-16 10:17 5178

Virtue is an exciting new online mobile app for iOS and Android devices. With a brand philosophy of celebrating life, Virtue aims to disrupt the lifeless parcel delivery market segment in Hong Kong.

HONG KONG, April 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Driven to liberate people from wasting hours of their lives waiting for parcel delivery, in mid April this year, Virtue app is all set to break into city's logistics and freight delivery business in Hong Kong.


Virtue is a very convenient mobile application to fast track your courier delivery needs in Hong Kong.
Virtue is a very convenient mobile application to fast track your courier delivery needs in Hong Kong.

Virtue app is a Government backed venture of Trekar Ltd founded by visionary millennials from Hong Kong. At the small yet contemporary and well equipped office sits an equally energetic team that has worked incessantly to perfect the Virtue brand.

Clement Yip, the co-founder of the Trekar Ltd says, "Virtue App exists to free up your life, by giving more time back to the users we're essentially giving their life back, hence why our slogan is GET MORE LIFE." Virtue App does so by letting the user choose any point on the Hong Kong's map to send a parcel, be it an office address or a beach in Lantau Island. The Receiver only needs to have the authenticated code via SMS to receive the parcel and he/she can use the app and know exactly where and when the parcel will get to them via a real-time tracking map, James Bond style.

At the core of Virtue App lays the delivery helpers, aptly named 'Heroes' they are the engine that drives Virtue. Anyone with free time have the chance to become a 'Hero' but not all are chosen, only the trusted and those who have passed the Virtue's guidelines goes on to become a Hero. Virtue Hero App allows the delivery heroes to complete their mission efficiently and save the day.

"We hope to make Virtue a Hong Kong brand that Hong Kong people can be proud of. An App made by the Hong Kong people for the Hong Kong people." - Clement Yip, the co-founder.

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