omniture Group CEO and Lao Tourism Minister Open Collaboration Talks

2019-12-18 14:04 857

BEIJING, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Group CEO Jane Sun met with Lao Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune last Friday, to discuss possibilities for cooperation in the tourism industry, including the streamlining of visa applications as well as various cultural exchange projects.

World heritage sites in Laos such as Luang Prabang, Wat Phu, and the Plain of Jars highlight the beauty of the Southeast Asian country. Tourism is quickly becoming an important industry for the country, with Laos having formalized agreements with over 500 foreign travel firms, opened up 15 international tourism ports, increased expenditure in tourism-related infrastructure and cut visa fees.

Maintaining a steady momentum in bilateral co-operations over the past few years, tourist arrivals from China to Laos increased by 26 percent to 800,000 in 2018, ranking third among all sources of inbound tourists. In terms of inbound tourism, travelers coming from Laos to China remain relatively low in numbers due to a smaller population and relative unaffordability of travel.

As a nation with abundant resources, Sun said she anticipated an enhanced exchange of resources and information between Laos and China, with an emphasis on biological protection and sustainable tourism. "We hope to strengthen cooperation with Laos, both in the development of new products and promotion of bilateral tourism on our platforms, helping the local industry to thrive," she added.

"Culture and tourism are some of the best bridges to promote people-to-people exchanges, as well as co-operations between countries. The Chinese market is crucial to Lao tourism, and we welcome Group to grow its presence in our local tourism industry," said Kikeo Khaykhamphithoun. He also expressed hope that the prospective cooperation with Group would help to share the charm of Laos with more Chinese tourists.

Recently, the Group global visa service center forged an exclusive strategic co-operation with Laos. Following the opening of a visa 'green channel', Chinese tourists will enjoy the benefits of a streamlined visa application process. Statistics indicate that orders for visa applications to Laos via Group platforms have surged 80 percent compared to last year, up twice that of 2017.

Additionally, joint infrastructure efforts like the China-Laos railway have helped to promote inter-connectivity in the region. As the leading OTA in Asia, Group endeavors to give Laos a boost in cultural exchange through promotion on its platforms. In the near future, the parties hope to formalize a strategic agreement to make both countries more popular destinations for international tourists.

As part of the company's global strategy, the Group global visa service center has achieved coverage across 84 countries, including the major destinations for outbound Chinese travel. Group has also long advocated the role of tourism in promoting people-to-people ties. "Tourism diplomacy is a key aspect of non-governmental diplomacy, and an important way of promoting understanding between nations and peoples," Sun said.

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