TUVtel Introduces Human-Environment Relations

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TAIPEI, , Feb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- There is something very different about TUVtel this year. For the first time ever, TUV Rheinland Taiwan have created a more lively version of the TUVtel children's magazine edited by its German head office. On January 23 they were in Taipei once again invited to visit the Rixin Elementary School and Kindergarten, founded a century ago, to put on a performance as part of the "TUV Rheinland Safety Hero" program. The two consecutive performances attracted an enthusiastic audience of more than 270 children and teachers. This time, an experienced environmental expert from TUV Rheinland took on the role of the children's environmental ambassador to bring TUVtel learning to elementary school and kindergarten classrooms for the first time. The children were not only able to experience this fun and interesting German children's publication up close, but also to think about the relationship between mankind and the environment.

TUVtel Introduces Human-Environment Relations
TUVtel Introduces Human-Environment Relations

The performance started by talking about the plastic bag ban, and children were asked to think about the environmental impact of the plastic shopping bags we so frequently used and discarded. Around 1 billion plastic bags are used each year worldwide, and on average each is used for only 25 minutes before being thrown away, a great many ending up as plastic pellets in the sea, creating pollution that cannot be broken down. If one day there are more plastic pellets than fish in the sea, what should we do? If we use paper bags instead of plastic bags, how much paper will be consumed? Where do plastic and paper come from? Where should they go? When the 3C products we use today break down, do they turn into gold or turn into rubbish? The company's children's environmental ambassador inspired the kids' imaginations about the environment, and offered tips on how to be environmentally friendly.

"This is my largest audience yet since I became the children's safety ambassador for TUV Rheinland! Compared to talking to customers or other professionals about certification standards, I find instilling the concepts of environmental protection in our future leaders to be a more challenging and unusual experience," said Project Manager Chi-hwan Lin, from System Services, who frequently speaks at seminars and is passionate about environmental protection. He loves to interact with children and is the perfect narrator for this program.

TUVtel was chosen as the source material this time for the "TUV Rheinland Safety Hero" program because it has been highlighted as an outstanding children's magazine by Stiftung Lesen, a well-known German reading foundation, its novel design and varied topics especially effective in helping interest children in science.

TUV Rheinland is an independent third-party organization that has been working to achieve a balance between mankind, technology and the environment since 1872. Apart from technical services, we also place a strong emphasis on the popularization of professional education. The "TUV Rheinland Safety Hero" program was officially launched in April 2014 with the mission to promote awareness of toy/technology safety and environmental protection among children and parents. An interactive learning-through-play format is used to transmit ideas that help keep children safe and protect the planet. The program has attracted widespread acclaim from teachers and parents. More than 50 events have been hosted in the Greater China region to date, with over 10,000 children benefiting as a result.

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