UnaBiz Introduces UnaSensors Simplifying IoT like Never Before

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SINGAPORE, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- UnaBiz, Asia's first IoT dedicated network operator, launches UnaSensors, a brand new range of Sigfox powered sensors at ConnecTech Asia. 

UnaSensors Starter Kit Now Available For Pre-Order.
UnaSensors Starter Kit Now Available For Pre-Order.

Following the positive reception of UnaBell, a simple smart button sold in over 25 countries worldwide, the Singapore based IoT company is back with yet another groundbreaking initiative to transform the IoT market. With not one but five new sensors, UnaSensors is a brand new sensor-as-a-service offering that can kickstart anyone's IoT journey at a maximum retail price of USD 5 per month, including hardware, software and connectivity.

"Over the past two years, we have received feedback that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to IoT adoption is the high cost of sensors. As an end-to-end IoT enabler, we must respond, not just in terms of connectivity, but with an all-in-one game-changing solution. The market needs high-quality, low-cost sensors, with connectivity and cloud service - a complete package. We believe that this problem must be addressed before the full potential of massive IoT be realised," said Henri Bong, CEO of UnaBiz.

UnaSensors features five sensors: 

  • UnaSense      - a temperature and humidity sensor, 
  • UnaMotion      - a human passive infra-red (PIR) detector, 
  • UnaProtect     - a magnetic sensor that detects opening and closing of assets, 
  • UnaBeacon    - an asset locating tracker,
  • UnaBell           - a smarter button with brand new features. 

The five sensors were shortlisted based on the top ten most sought after data requirements gathered from IoT users and early adopters globally.

Philippe Chiu, CTO and co-founder of UnaBiz added, "UnaSensors addresses the main concern of IoT projects, and that is security. In our standard offer, without any additional costs, every sensor can securely transmit its data through the Sigfox global network, using an encryption mechanism directly managed by the end users. On top of that, every sensor's configuration is protected by an individual password. All features are accessible via our new mobile application that is easily setup and available on both iOS and Android. A web version of the application is also available for corporate environments with features such as fleet management, profile and routing configuration, and cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Splunk, IFTTT, Slack, etc."

As an end-to-end solution packaged with connectivity and software application, the customisable sensors aim to simplify and accelerate the adoption of IoT in the following clusters: smart cities and utilities, smart industry and supply chain, and lastly smart buildings and smart homes.

The global launch event took place at Marina Bay Sands, under the Singapore Pavilion of NXT Asia, an exciting track of ConnecTech Asia that showcases change makers and industry movers that are driving the adoption and application of the latest disruptive innovation and enterprise solutions.

A limited quantity of UnaSensors Starter Kit is now available for pre-order in over 46 countries where the Sigfox network is present. For more information visit or contact international sales

About UnaBiz
UnaBiz is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company dedicated to accelerating the adoption of IoT worldwide. As the exclusive network operator of Sigfox's low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) in Singapore and Taiwan, UnaBiz is the leading company in Asia to roll out a nationwide IoT network.

UnaBiz wants to shape the future by providing cost-effective and energy-efficient IoT solutions, that include wireless infrastructure, device and beyond. This ubiquitous network will allow businesses to connect millions of devices simply, affordably and globally.

UnaBiz helps businesses collect and analyse data from millions of devices allowing businesses to maximise the efficiency of their resources, increase productivity, detect and controlling anomalies and accelerate resolution or even prevent them entirely. Our objective is to help businesses realise the true value and full potential of IoT that was previously too costly to deploy.

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