UnionTech and Evonik Set up a Joint Laboratory for 3D Printing

2021-07-29 17:17 565

SHANGHAI, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- UnionTech and Evonik announced the establishment of the "UnionTech and Evonik Joint R&D Laboratory" in Shanghai, China in late July, 2021.

"Evonik is committed to promoting the wide application of scale 3D printing technology across the whole value chain through ready-to-use material formula," said Toni Schreibweiss, "The close cooperation between material manufacturer and equipment manufacturer is essential for the opening up of new application fields of 3D printing. The establishment of the joint laboratory will further accelerate the speed of new photopolymer product launch in the market, especially for the fast-growing Chinese market. We will actively contribute our expertise in 3D printing materials and provide more efficient and faster additive manufacturing solutions for all industries."

Toni Schreibweiss, general manager of Evonik High-Performance Polymers Division in APAC, and Mr. MA Jinsong, general manager of UnionTech, made speeches respectively. Both sides spoke highly of the establishment of the joint R&D laboratory. This is another major cooperation project following Evonik's investment in UnionTech in 2020.

Rainer Hahn, global head of Evonik Photosensitive Resins Business, sent his congratulations from Germany via video. He believes that greater market value is bound to be created by strengthening cooperation at the R&D level.

Mr. MA Jinsong, general manager of UnionTech, welcomed and thanked the Evonik management team for their visit. He pointed out in his speech, "The establishment of the joint laboratory means that the two sides have strengthened the comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, and represents the openness and mutual trust of both sides, as well as their consensus and determination for the industrial development. We will work together on a number of joint R&D projects. "

"The transition from 'prototype production' to 'real manufacturing' is the overall development tone of the 3D printing industry. It has become an irreversible trend in this field. Let's look forward to the future together, develop diversified cooperation models, accelerate industry iteration and innovation, and better serve customers."

The cooperation between UnionTech and Evonik is an inevitable collision and represents the mutual recognition and joint technology accumulation between the famous material giant in Germany and UnionTech, a local 3D printing enterprise in China. The two sides will work together to embrace the whole industry with a positive attitude, facilitate bilateral cooperation in R&D, accelerate the development of high-performance materials and expedite the application implementation.

Source: UnionTech