Uniview Temperature Screening Solutions Help Thailand Government to Fight Against COVID 19

2020-06-01 11:34 1326

BANGKOK, June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In May, 2020, through the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Technology, and Prime Ministry's Office, Uniview provided enhanced temperature screening solutions and products, including CW-180, OET-213H-BTS1, and other Heat-Tracker series products, to help the city to recover. UNV Heat-Tracker series solutions with non-contact temperature screening, mask-wearing detection and fast deployment, is very reliable and efficient.

CW180 has high accuracy of temperature screening and very simple deployment. It supports voice alarm, mask detection and screenshots record. Staff can quickly find relevant personnel based on the screenshots. External videos and pictures can be imported and shown on the screen for instructions, advertisements, or other purposes.

OET-213H-BTS1 supports voice alarm and face recognition with mask. It has two types of installation including wall-mounted and floor-stand. Time attendance is suitable for staffs as well with VMS. What's more, restful API empowers this product more functions and better compatibility.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. As of June 1, there are more than 6 million cases of coronavirus infection in the world. Uniview, as the pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance, is taking forceful prevention and control measures, which delivered Heat-Tracker series products and solutions to 7 continents and more than 70 countries in response to the recent outbreak.

In Thailand, confirmed cases has risen to over 3081, including 57 deaths. The public venues and businesses were ordered to close in Bangkok and several other provinces in March. Earlier this week, Thai authorities allowed department stores, shopping malls, and other businesses to reopen, selectively easing restrictions meant to combat the novel coronavirus. Life is gradually getting back to normal at a very slow pace. How to prevent and control the epidemic under the current situation is a problem that must be solved.

Uniview always takes the responsibility to build a safer world. In this hard times, Uniview will continue to provide high-quality products and professional services to help the world recover securely.


Source: Uniview