Unlimity Aims to Elevate Taiwan to Prime APAC Agriculture Exporter

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KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Unlimity Produce Cooperative Co., an innovative agricultural enterprise, plans to introduce the benefits of fruit and vegetable exports to local farmers to make Taiwan a prime agriculture exporter in the Asia Pacific region, capitalizing on this year's predicted fruitful harvest.

Unlimity is a farmers' collective in Taiwan, with stable product quality and output, focusing on access and export markets, and oversees the cultivation of crops by various farms as well as harvest and production.

A path to growth

This year, Taiwan is reported to have exported $511 million of agricultural and related products to the U.S. in the first half of 2022. Taiwan's exports to the U.S., which is one of their top agriculture destinations, increased by 14 per cent, as per the Foreign Agriculture Service, USDA.

In a similar manner, Japan remains one of the top three export locations in the Asia-Pacific region. The country replaced China as the largest buyer of Taiwanese agriculture products in the first half of 2022, according to Taipei Times.

Despite these staggering numbers, most farmers in Taiwan currently prefer to sell locally because the total production yield from their site is not enough for international export. But Unlimity aims to change this perception by growing its network of farmers and showing them the benefits of exporting. To do so, they plan to unite and combine the farmers' efforts in order to boost exports, which will help position Taiwan as a key agricultural exporter in the APAC region.

The demand and profits of agricultural products are more stable and consistent for exporting compared with domestic distribution and sales. As per Taipei Times, Taiwan's growth in exports to the US, Japan, and Europe is beneficial to the development of its agricultural sector.

A leader in Taiwan's agriculture sector

Within Taiwan, Unlimity is a leading producer of jujube and guavas, as well as other fruits and vegetables such as candied dates and passionfruit. These produces are grown in Kaoshiung, the famous tropical part of Taiwan. The country is expected to yield a good harvest this winter due to heavy rain and favorable weather, with the production season peaking from mid-December to mid-March.

As part of their harvest and export missions, Unlimity aims to become an eco-friendly organization committed to sustainable farming practices.

"Unlimity's first priority is in maintaining the stability and consistency of quality products while being completely eco-friendly. Agriculture production is not just about quantity and quality but how it also affects our environment. While we utilize the latest technology we also take steps towards green agriculture practices that will become the index and policy of the future," notes Iveline Pan, general manager of Unlimity.

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About the company

Unlimity Produce Cooperative Co is an agriculture organization and farmers' collective that started with an origin farm in 2001. By 2022 their plantations developed into 40 hectares of farms, and it is expanding every year. The farm is known for growing fruits and vegetables, such as jujube, guava, passion fruit, gherkin, long cowpea.

Unlimity not only oversees farming but is also a professional in post-harvest handling, grading selection, quality inspection, and packaging with domestic and international exports to Japan, Singapore, the Middle East and other European countries.

In 2022, Unlimity cooperated with the Kaohsiung City Government and the Agricultural Research Institute to promote the export of Taiwanese candied dates to Europe. The company is also:

  • Certified by TGAP (the Taiwan agriculture department's standards)
  • Meets the national inspection standards for export for countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Europe, and the United States

Media contact

the general manager:Iveline Pan


Source: Unlimity Produce Cooperative Co.